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  • DS

    Simon Sinek is doing good work. Have you read his last book – Leaders Eat Last?

    • Yes he is! I’ve not yet read that one but it’s on my soon to read books. How is it?

      • DS

        Just heard about it from this month’s Success magazine – haven’t yet either. Like you it’s on my list to read.

        • Nice, I’m going to get it soon and start reading it.

  • I’ve just started getting into Simon Sinek recently. Stumbled across an interview with him and liked what he had to say. May have to get one of his books if you’re endorsing him too, Dan.

    • I’ve also recently started to follow Simon. I’ve seen him present a couple times and have read one of his books. He is a good person to follow. Thank you for sharing.

  • Loved his viral Ted talk and his reminder to focus on the ‘why’ in our lives, Dan. THanks for sharing this video too. A good reminder that all the great leaders in the world and great companies start from the “Why” in our lives. The clearer our why and the stronger our cause, the stronger actions we can take in the world. Sinek reminds us the power of our purpose and the power of knowing why we do the things we do.

    • Yes, the WHY is so crucial to know and follow. Thank you for adding to the discussion.