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Leadership has little to do with a title or position and everything to do with influence. The Leadership Mandate reveals that you (yes, even you) are a leader because to some degree you have influence with those around you. Since you’re a leader, I call you to start taking your influence seriously by developing the leader within you. You will learn about the 10 essential elements of influence, which include:

1. Self-Leadership: To influence people requires leading yourself successfully
2. Thinking: Move yourself above the competition by engaging in thinking
3. Relationship Skills: Relationships are the cornerstone to your life and influence
4. Lifelong Learner: Develop yourself to unlock your potential
5. Strength-Based: Concentrate on your strengths to produce maximum results
6. Communication Skills: Communication skills allow you to extend your reach and share your message
7. Passion: Have your passions the focal point of your life
8. Purpose: Be purpose driven by living out what you have been called to do
9. Personal Vision: Vision is the compass toward a bigger and better future
10. Producer: Producing results positions you toward success and achievement

This book provides practical and foundational principles that will equip you and move you toward your leadership potential.

You can purchase The Leadership Mandate Kindle version on Amazon

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What Others Are Saying:

“The Leadership Mandate will change you. It is full of great tips and action-steps, designed to help you grow as a person and to influence people around you. Dan’s writing style is clear, applicable, and filled with sound wisdom. This book comes out of Dan’s life: he lives what he writes. If you want to be a person of influence, pick up this book. You won’t regret it!” ~Dave Arnold Author of Pilgrims of the Alley

“If you aspire to lead, to influence, to be a leader, then you need to read this. More than that, you will want to internalize the ideas shared. The world needs great leaders, not just in business and government, but in every area of our lives. The ideas Dan Black shares in this book will absolutely help to bring out the leadership qualities in people, which we all so desperately need to see more of.” ~Josh Hinds Author of It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!

“Loved this book, especially it’s emphasis on self-leadership. Dan lays it out – all of us are leaders: as long as you have influence, you are a leader. He goes on to explain how to grow as a person and leader.” ~Ngina Otiende Author of Navigating Change

“I love this book because literally everyone will benefit from reading it. Dan reasons that everyone is a leader in some way shape or form, and whether we lead in our work, family, online or at the gym we have the ability to influence others. His 10 Essential Elements are thoughtful and well reasoned, and each element is reinforced by reflection questions and action items. The book is easy to read and I would highly recommend it.” ~Chris Vonada Author of The 7 Essentials of Extraordinary Relationships and Common Ground…Geology Happens!

“This great book was a wonderful surprise. Dan takes basic leadership principles and explains them in a way that makes me say, “I can do that!” I like the practical, doable action items at the end of each chapter. A really good book that is well worth reading.” ~Jean White

“I honestly didn’t think of myself as a leader before finding Dan’s leadership blog. Because I didn’t even think about leadership, I was missing opportunities to use a God-given gift.” ~M.R. Wilson

“WOW! What a great read. I read this book from front to back and devoured all its content. The reason why I love it so much is because its easy to read and it gave me actionable steps in the form of reflection questions. The reflection questions really make you think about what you are doing in each area and make the book that much more engaging. Most Leadership books just give you some detail around Leadership, but Dan decided to take it to the next level by the Mandate he lays down.” ~Lincoln Parks

“This book is excellently laid out in such a simple and practical way for all of us that desire to achieve leadership from the bottom up. Passionately written!” ~Micky Diaz

“The book provides a terrific exploration of the basic elements of leadership. The elements Dan discusses must exist in order for someone to be an effective leader. What I liked the most about the elements he lists and discusses is that the first one involves leading yourself. An effective leader must lead himself successfully; otherwise, he has no business leading others.” ~Kari

You can purchase The Leadership Mandate on Amazon.

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