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(please note: I only accept a limited number of contributing posts each year)

My goal for allowing contributing posts is so others can share their views, thoughts, and perspectives on the topic of leadership. If you would like to be featured on my blog as a  guest post here are a few guidelines:

  • The topic should fall in the areas of leadership, success, personal development, or strengths.
  • The word count: 300-600 words (I will consider the post even if it’s more than 600 words).
  • If your post has a faith based viewpoint, please indicate it in the blog title.
  • When you send the guest post please include a short bio of yourself.
  • When it’s featured you will need to lead the conversation by replying to the comments.

Email your questions or posts to Before your post is featured I will contact you via email. I can’t give an exact time frame on when your post will be featured because it depends on how many posts are ahead of yours. Here are some great guest posts that have been featured:

Three ways to Fight Fear of Success: The Imposter Syndrome by Mr.X

How To Identify A Great Leader by Ali

8 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills by Alison Brattle

The Differences Between an Average and Exceptional Leader by Dragos Bernat

How My Faith Impacts My Leadership by Tim Parson

Leadership is about Influence by Chris Shilling

The Genesis of Leadership – Joseph by Cory Godwin

Never Say Die during a Crisis by Sarah Brooks

The 3 Components of Thriving by Dave Arnold

5 Useful Ways to Leverage Content for Personal Development Online by Lawrence Namale

Insanity: A New Definition by Alan Allard

Don’t Overthink Greatness by Jimmy Burgess

Do You Have The Confidence To Lead? by Aaron Morton

Invaluable Lessons about Leadership That I’ve Learned through Bad Examples by Sebastian Roltgen

What Leadership is Not by Matt Ham

4 Ways to Accelerate Your Leadership with Evernote by Kent Sanders

How to Use Adversity to Your Advantage by Vishnu Virtues

Feeling Accomplished Every Single Day – 6 Creative Tips To Help You Make It Happen by Omar Negron

How Leaders Can Inspire Others by Celia Wang

The Power of Words by Suzi McAlpine

Leading In The Hardest Hours by Zechariah Newman

What Story Are You Telling Yourself? by Kimanzi Constable

Why This Author Believes That Leaders Are Made And Not Born? by Rhys Bates

Doing The Right Things vs. Doing Everything by Steve Spring

Help Needed: The Frame of Mind for Leadership by Ken Myers

Outcome Dependency and Leadership by Mans Denton

Lessons in Leadership from Historical Warlords by Ludvig Sunström

How to remain calm when all around you there is chaos by Jamie

7 Things You Can Do TODAY To Become a Better Leader by Dillon Hazel

How to Handle the Fear of Being a Leader by Kevin Cole

Knowing Yourself + Knowing your Team = Legendary Leadership by Razwana Wahid

3 Steps to Frame Failure into Success by Alex Barker

Knowing the Leader in You: Different Types of Leadership by Teoddy Baldomaro

The Perfect House No One Built by Ellory Wells

Lead by Example by Kimanzi Constable

Learning To Lead by Floyd Samson

How Your Unhealthy Behavior Effects Your Leadership Habits by Nate Anglin

3 Actions To Take To Learn Something New Each Day by Brandon Jones

GPS Leadership by Kari Scare

Leadership Through the 100% Commitment by Mans Denton

How Becoming a Leader Affected my Self-Confidence by Onder Hassan

The Empathic Leader by Dan Erickson

The Productive Mindset by Aaron Morton

Your Team’s Greatest Limitation Is You by Joel Fortner

Top 7 Characteristics of Superior Leaders by Sophie

Readers  – Discover How to Develop Into a True Leader by Reading the Right Books by Omar Negron

4 Leadership Lessons from my Marriage by Ngina Otiende

Accountability vs. Responsibility? by Gordon Tredgold

Servant Leadership…Listening! by Micky Diaz

The Value of the Intentional Life by Chris Peek

How I Became a Leader by Vincent Nguyen

The Three Simple Keys to Strategic Leadership by Nathan Magnuson

Effective Leadership is not Dictatorship by Carl

3 Be’s of Leadership by Chris Hendrix

Do You Have Sight or Vision? by Bernard Haynes

How to Overcome Fear and Failure to Achieve Your Goals This Year by Tara Spenser

Seven Realities for Perfectionists by Matt McMorris

The Premise Of Leadership by Jeremy C.  Jones

Learning from the Leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Drew Tewell

The Reflective Leader by Joseph Lalonde

Being Intentional With Feedback by Tom Dixon

5 Excuses To Avoid On Your Road To Success by Ryan Paul Ridgway

A Leader is Marked by Trust by Todd Liles

Except for the Grace of God there go I by Thomas J. Trent

How to Discover the Power of One by Jared Latigo

Leading from Behind by Dan Erickson

6 Steps to Clarify Your Team’s Purpose by Ryan Hartwig

Whose Will Again? by Stephen Robertson

Changing your Course as a Leader by Lincoln Parks

Stop Leading from the Front by Grayson

So close, yet so far away – A Leaders Journey by Juan Cruz

Why God Created No One To Be Average by Mike Holmes

How to Become a Trusted Leadership Advisor by Nathan Magnuson

Leaders Are Owners by Marc Millan

Personal Growth through Yoga and Keeping a Clear Mind By Mr.X

7 Tips for Navigating Transition in Your Team by Chris Lautsbaugh

Three ways to Fight Fear of Success: The Imposter Syndrome by Mr.X

When We Need Less Information by Jared Latigo

Life is Like A Jeopardy Game by Brian Wright

Daily Deposits by Juan Cruz

3 Ways Leaders Can Knit Closer Teams by Nathan Rouse

3 Areas I Watch Out For When It Comes To Success by Ngina Otiende

5 Ways to Reach Your Goals by Farouk Radwan

Surrounded by Godly Leaders by Marc Millan

Life Happens Between The Dates by Bernard Haynes

Every Good Leader Needs a Good Team by Nancy Parker

4 Rules to Help You Kill Your Inner “Wantrepreneur” by Ryan Paul Ridgway

13 Rights Successful Leaders Must Give Up by Brian Dodd

6 Keys For Effective Leadership by Brandon Gilliland

How to Become a Creative Leader by Noah Lomax

3 Fatal Flaws of Leaders who Avoid Feedback by David Bartosik

Protect Your Leadership or Calling by Marc Millan

Three Steps to Establishing Your Brilliance By Rob Sorbo

Discretion: 5 steps to making good choices By Chris Vonada

Unconventional Does Not Mean Unacceptable By Kaitlyn Nakagoshi

How Christian’s Win Battles By Bernard Haynes

Whats God’s Opinion of your Leadership By Michael Holmes

The Leadership Myth By Marc Millan

What Qualities Does God Say a Leader Should Possess?  By TC Avey

The Leader That Taught Me How to Sell By Michael Holmes

Your Ministry Team Needs Goals By Benjer McVeigh

How to Start A Movement by Kimanzi Constable

What’s the Difference Between A Christians Reputation and Character? By Brandon

Leaders Give Permission By Marc Millan

Why Is it Important To Identify If You Have A Fixed Or Growth Mindset By James Strasbaugh 

Good Leaders vs. Great Leaders By Dilanka Wettewa

Get to Work By Andrew Zahn

7 Daily Seeds To Lead A Great Life By Spencer McDonald


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8 thoughts on “Contributing Posts

  1. I would love to add my name to this list of guest contributors. Recently, I wrote a blog for Joseph Lalonde that he published this week. I am working on my next post but not sure yet what direction it is going. I will send to you, if interested, once I have it put together.