Wise Leaders

Successful leaders are wise and also have people on their team who are wise. Anyone can become wise because it is a trait that you can learn and apply to your life. Wise leaders understand the importance of growing, learning, and changing, which are key element to becoming wise. Your age, talents, IQ, or education […]

Quotes and Thoughts on Wisdom

I believe that the best leaders have wisdom. I wanted to share with you some quotes on wisdom. Take some time today to think about these quotes. “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it” Albert Einstein-It takes time to gain wisdom. “Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One […]

Wise Counsel For Leaders

I would like to share some wisdom for every young leader. The success or downfall of a leader will be determined by who they counsel with for advice. We all have seen leaders who make high risk decisions based on no advice or wrong advisors. Below is a passage from the book of I Kings […]

The Wise Leader pt.2

In the first part of this series we talked about the history of King Solomon and the benefit of seeking wisdom first. We went through 11 of the rewards of gaining wisdom. Let’s continue with the topic of wisdom. The Hebrew word Wisdom means “skill in living”, suggesting that time (years) is a requirement for […]

The Wise Leader pt.1

There are countless benefits of looking at history for insights and wisdom. One such person is King Solomon. In this two part series we dive into what Solomon can teach us on the topic of wisdom. Solomon was born around 974 B.C. and was installed as King of Israel by his father, David, shortly before […]