Surviving Your Serengeti by Stefan Swanepoel

Surviving Your Serengeti shares 7 skills to mastering business and life. The book is masterfully written and shares a story which takes the read through a self discovery journey. The author tells a story about what we can learn from the animals in Africa. Where he discusses 7 different types of animals and skills. The […]

Max on Life by Max Lucado

Max Lucado has been a pastor, family man, writer, and leader for over 30 years. During those years he was been asked a variety of questions. In his newest book Max on Life, he answers the most asked about questions. He answers questions about life, faith, sex, money management, writing, leading, raising kids, mercy, hope, […]

Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

This book is great for leader’s and business people who want a better understanding of the spiritual side of business. The author draws from the ideas of “social capital” and discusses the concept of “spiritual capital.” He also talks about the “hard” and “soft” virtues of a leader and business person. Where he talks about […]

The Principle Of The Path By Andy Stanly

The Principle Of The Path shares the choices you make today will determine where you will be tomorrow and in the future. The principle is that, “Direction-not intention- determines our destination.” The choices you make will determine your direction and your direction will determine your destination. The outcome will either be something we desire or […]

Seeds of Turmoil By Bryant Wright

Seeds of Turmoil clearly explains the biblical story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar and the ensuing sibling rivalry between Jacob and Esau, whose choices formed the world’s three most influential religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Bryant Wright also explains the conflicts between Jewish, Christian, and Islamic perspectives and answers the question, Does God play favorites? […]

The Gospel According to Jesus by Chris Seay

The Gospel According to Jesus discusses the commandment, ” Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness.” The author uses the word of God to help Christians grow in righteousness and faith. Most Christians do not fully understand or put into practice this commandment. Chris Seay says,” Imagine a church where 84% of Christians are completely […]