The Power of the Pause

How leaders can push pause

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Leaders would benefit from taking time to pause. Pausing allows you to physically and mentally get away from your work and responsibilities. It can refresh and renew your strength and mind. The practice of pausing can be challenging for leaders to implement since leadership is about going and doing. Taking regular time to pause in […]

The Powerful Principle Of Stopping To Propel Forward

Why every leader needs to stop

The Powerful Principle Of Stopping To Propel Forward

Great leaders are driven to perform and execute. There are times though that the best option for a leader is to stop. To practice the lost art of stopping and intentionally doing nothing to refocus on certain things that would propel them forward. Stopping to propel forward is less about physically going or doing and […]

Potential Places for Leaders to Think

How to increase your thinking time.

Potential Places for Leaders to Think

Successful leaders schedule time to think and reflect. They know the value of adapting critical thinking principles into their thinking time. The major struggle leaders have when it comes to thinking is taking the time to pause and engage in the art of thinking. I have a solution that will increase the amount of time […]

Three Tactics to Help you to Really Think

Ways leaders are able to think


Taking time to think is a valuable asset to your leadership. This can be easier said than done. The truth is that taking time to really think is a challenge for most people. I believe real thinking is the ability to place yourself in a position where you are able to fully concentrate your thoughts […]

The Thinking Process to Creating Winning Ideas


Every leader wants to have winning ideas. These are the ideas which, if implemented, lead to a healthier organization or department and cause a rise in profit and staff retention. You can have an increased number of winning ideas by go through a process of thinking. The process includes taking time to engage in thinking […]

Four Practical Ways to Spark your Thinking


In my post 3 Reasons Why Leadership and Thinking are Irrefutable I wrote about these reasons: It assists you in finding the best solutions. It allows you to learn from your experiences. It sparks creativity and ideas. Some of the comments that readers wrote include: Steve Bloom from Do Something Cool said: “I think if […]

3 Reasons Why Leadership and Thinking are Irrefutable

Leadership is about taking action while thinking is primarily about taking mental action (Click here to Tweet that). To fully engage in the mental action of thinking requires that you separate yourself from the demand of life and leadership (Both physically and mentally). This can be a challenge because leaders can become so action and […]

6 Thinking Principles to Excel your Leadership (Pt. 2)

In the first part of Thinking Principles to Excel your Leadership we discussed priority thinking, strategic thinking, and future thinking. Below are the 3 other principles that will excel you toward success. When reading these principles keep in mind the words of George Bernard Shaw who said, “Few people think more than two or three […]

6 Thinking Principles to Excel your Leadership (Pt.1)

An asset that allows a leader to excel and always have influence is taking time to engage in thinking. Great leaders know the value and benefits of thinking. However, as Henry Ford said “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reasons why so few engage in it.” Below are 3 essential […]

The Value of Thinking

One of the hardest habits a leader can have is taking time to think. This is because a leader’s responsibilities and tasks require action and forward movement. Influencers can be so focused with the everyday functions of leading or managing that they overlook the value of thinking. defines thinking as to “consider for evaluation […]

Thinking Quotes

I have already shared some quotes on leadership, talents, success, attitude, and personal growth. Below are some quotes on thinking. “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. […]