Personal And Team Growth Is A Must For Leaders

Seasoned leader’s know the importance of personal growth and team growth. They know the value of working on themselves and providing continued growth to their team. If leader’s grow themselves and their team, the benefits will be that the people will be stronger and the organization will be one that people will want to be […]

Strong Teams Need Motivation

Leaders should focus on having a team of motivated followers. Motivated people are effective, passionate, enjoy the work, and work together to get the job done. I believe that, Motivated Followers = Stronger Teams just as it is true that, Unmotivated Followers = Weak Teams It is true that people who are motivated and passionate […]

Talent Matters

We can see the benefits of talented teams in every arena of life. No matter if it’s in business, sports, non-profit, etc. The fact is that talent does matter. If you look at successful teams you will find that there are a lot of talented people on them. Winning teams require people of great talent […]

10 Tips For Leading A Team

Are you a successful team leader? Is your team producing more and becoming better people with you as the leader? Leaders should focus on the daily habits that will raise their team and company to the next level. While reading The Power of a Positive Attitude the author gave these 10 tips for people who […]

Knowing your Teams Strengths and Weaknesses

Leaders and managers should know their team’s strengths and weakness. They should place people in their greatest areas of strengths. They should be aware of people that might be working in a weakness and move them so they are in an area of strength. Teams who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses allow the team […]

Four Qualities of a Team

During my high school years I was in cross country and track & field. Most of the four years were spent on the varsity team. Our team once won districts and also went to state two times. We were one of the top teams in the district. The seven varsity team members had to work […]

Attitudes and Behaviors every Team Should Cultivate

If you are a leader then you need to have pre-set expectations of your followers. Expectations can be put on a person in many different areas. It could be for increase sales, right attitude, or work ethics (to give a few examples). In this section we will be talking about the right attitudes and behaviors […]