Team Work Quotes

Below are some quotes on team work. To know how to use and implement quotes into your everyday life and leadership I suggest reading: How to use Quotes. You can also get a free copy of my quote book Characteristics and Qualities of a Great Leader by clicking here. I hope you enjoy these quotes. […]

7 Tips for Navigating Transition in Your Team

Its guest post Monday. This post is by Chris Lautsbaugh who lives in Muizenberg, South Africa. He serves with Youth With a Mission (YWAM), teaching and training missionaries and church leaders. Together with his wife Lindsey, they lead and steward training programs and ministries in and around Cape Town, reaching out to under privileged communities, […]

Every Good Leader Needs a Good Team

It’s guest post Monday!!! This post is by Nancy Parker who is a professional nanny.  She enjoys writing about a wide range of subjects like health, parenting, child care, babysitting, nanny background check tips, etc. You can read her blog here or follow her on Twitter.  If you would like to have post featured on […]

Your Ministry Team Needs Goals

It’s Guest Post Monday!!! This post is from Benjer McVeigh a youth pastor and fellow blogger. Make sure to check out his blog Discipleship Family Ministry and follow him on Twitter. If you’re a ministry leader, then you’ve got goals for the ministry you lead. Perhaps you’re the organized type that writes down his or […]

Your People Leak and What To Do About It

The fact is that everyone leaks. Some more than other but we all leak. I’m not talking about the type of leaking you might be thinking about. The leaking I am talking about deals with areas like motivation, energy, strength, courage, vision, etc. We all leak in areas like those. For example, no matter how […]

Is Your Team Committed

The challenge for every leader is to have team member’s who are committed to the vision, goals, and values of the organization. A question every leader needs to ask is, if their team is truly committed and how they can increase the current commitment level. First let’s look at some signs of a committed team, […]

Ways To Invest In Your Team

One of the greatest rewards and responsibilities of a leader is building a team. This is because progress and results happen with an effective team. But this takes a leader investing in their team. This is hard because investing in others requires energy, time, and work. It might be hard but doing so benefits everyone. […]

Personal And Team Growth Is A Must For Leaders

Seasoned leader’s know the importance of personal growth and team growth. They know the value of working on themselves and providing continued growth to their team. If leader’s grow themselves and their team, the benefits will be that the people will be stronger and the organization will be one that people will want to be […]