Attract Top Talent With An Employment Branding Strategy

Attracting talent to your team.

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This is a guest article by Mark. Mark is an awesome foosball fan who cherishes foosball so much; he made a blog about it. There he shares all that things a foosball player has to know, from history to picking the foosball table. He has tried a wide range of tables, from most acclaimed Tornado […]

The Value of a Diverse Team

Why you should have a diverse team and workplace


Leaders should make sure to have a diverse team in the workplace. It should be full of people from different cultures, ethnicities, races, religions, with a variety of age groups.  Author Stephen R. Covey said, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” This is true when it comes to having a strong and effective team […]

Support from Others Quotes

Leaders need the support of other people

Support from others

Below are a collection of the best quotes about support from others. If you sign up to my email list I will send you a PDF copy of Success Quotes, Foundational Elements for Lasting Success and Characteristics and Qualities of a Great Leader: A Quote Book Full of Truth and Wisdom. All you need to […]

5 Signs of a Strong Team Member (What leaders need to look for in a follower)

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Effective leaders place strong team members on their team. They know what Phil Jackson wisely said which is, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Each person on the team can play a significant role when it comes to achieving goals and achieving success. Good […]

7 Characteristics of an Influential Team Member

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You can begin or increase your level of influence with the colleagues who are on the same team as you. In The Leadership Mandate I wrote about the 5 main areas of influence, one of those being work. In regards to work I wrote, “Anyone has the potential to influence and impact subordinates, colleagues, direct […]

4 Core Elements to Winning Teams

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Winning teams win because several core elements are at play within the team. If a leader wants a team to consistently win the requirement is to have those core elements. 4 of those core elements include: trust, synergy, collaboration, and a mutual standard. Let’s look at each of those elements so we can learn how […]