Finding Personal Talents is a Process

It’s essential for leaders to find their personal talents, which is defined as, “Special natural abilities”. Each person has been given a unique set of talents but in my observation not everyone has found them. It is important for leaders to find personal talents because finding your talents brings purpose into your life. This is […]

Maximizing your Strengths

If you want to reach your personal and leadership potential then it requires maximizing your strengths. This only happens if you develop and focus on the areas you are most skilled, talented, and strong in while avoiding your weaknesses. It takes being disciplined and being intentional if you want to become the best in your […]

A Key Factor to Sharpening your Strengths

The most successful leaders are ones who have found, developed and are using their strengths. If we want to reach our potential in life then sharpening our strengths is a key factor. We must develop our strengths while having other people around us who can complement our weaknesses, thus allowing us to avoid our weaknesses. […]

What Happens When Using Your Strengths

One of my passions is in helping other people find, develop, and use their strengths. I have learned that individuals, teams, and organizations function better when each person is working in their strength zones while avoiding areas of weakness. Doing this also plays a major role in the success or failure of an individual, team, […]

4 Points On A Christian Leader’s Talents

The below story found in Matthew 25 has 4 points on a Christian leader’s talents. For it is like a man who was about to take a long journey, and he called his servants together and entrusted them with his property. To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one–to each in […]

Be Specific In Your Learning

When it comes to learning and developing the best thing you can do is to be specific. The key is to channel your learning to a few major areas. Doing this maximizes a person’s strengths, development, and potential. This is essential because it’s too hard to focus on growing and learning in every area. This […]

The Importance of Always Growing Your Strengths

I have seen many leader’s who have relied and rested on their strengths without continuing to grow in them. We often rest on our strengths because those are the areas we shine and see the most results in. We often see the current positive outcomes which can fog our need for growth and development. But […]

My Personal Top Five Strengths

One of my passions is helping others find, develop, and use their strengths and talents. I have written and mentored others on this topic. In finding my strengths, I talked with mentors, close friends, and focused on my passions. Which has revealed the areas where I’m strong in. Last night was the first time taking […]