Three Methods to Finding your Strengths

Three Methods to Finding your Strengths

Leading and working in your strengths is essential. In my book, The Leadership Mandate, I said “Your strength zones are the areas that come easily to you, cause you to be efficient, and allow you to produce high levels of results when working in them.” We often hear the why of working in your strengths, […]

Strength-Based Leaders Avoid These 3 Common Traps

Learn the traps you must avoid.

Strength-Based Leaders Avoid These 3 Common Traps

The very best leaders are strength-based. Being strength based is about focusing on your greatest areas of strength most of the time. Often, this can be easier said than done for many leaders. The challenge is to avoid the traps that cause you to move away from your greatest areas of strength, often leading you […]

Think 80/20 When Using Your Strengths And Weakness

5 action steps to become strength-based

Think 80/20 When Using Your Strengths And Weakness

There has been an emerging practice over the past decade when it comes to using your strengths and weakness. The key practice and advice people have given is to spend your time in areas of strengths while limiting or avoiding areas of weakness. Knowing each of us have both strengths and weakness, how does a […]

Four Tricks to Manage Weakness

How to remain strength-based

Four Tricks to Manage Weakness

It is important for leaders to remain strength-based. Strengths are the skills and activities that come easily to you, cause you to be efficient, and allow you to produce the highest level results when working in them. The challenge though is that we all have weakness. These are the areas that drain our energy and […]

How to Use Mind Mapping to Find or Clarify your Strengths

2 effective mind mapping methods


Mind mapping is a unique way to find or bring clarity to your areas of strengths. I first read about the concept of mind mapping in Ken Robinsons fantastic book, Finding Your Element. Here is how Ken describes mind mapping and how to do it: Mind mapping is a visual technique for displaying or sorting […]

Identify your Weakness to Maximize your Strengths

How to identify your weakness

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It’s easy to clearly see our areas of strengths while at the same time being blinded to our areas of weakness. Being able to honestly evaluate ourselves and identify areas of weakness is something all leaders need to be able to do. The purpose of identifying your weakness is to be able to see the […]

One Effective way to Finding your Strengths


William Blake said, “The true method of knowledge is experiment.” Experimenting in a variety of activities can help you to find your areas of strength. The key is to participate in the activities you enjoy, have a passion for, and that pull at your deepest heartstrings. You should play or work in a variety of […]

4 Questions Every Leader Must Ask Themselves About Their Strengths

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This is a post written by Aaron Armour. Aaron has been managing teams for more than 15 years, some as large as 200 employees. He is passionate about helping managers lead people and thrill clients. Manager Launch Pad was created to help managers experience tremendous growth through practical tips, resources and mentorship. Read more about […]

Beating Extraordinary Talent


Extraordinary talented leaders wins most of the time. But talent alone is never enough to achieve success or influence. Talent must be combined with some other essential traits. Without those traits your extraordinary talents will only take you so far. Three traits that can beat extraordinary talent include: Hard Work Professional Basketball player Kevin Durant […]