Spiritual Leadership Principle- Purpose (Pt.2)

In Spiritual leadership Principle-Purpose (pt.1) I wrote about how Jonah initially tried to run away from his purpose until God abruptly intervened in his life, which caused Jonah to stop running away and fulfill his calling. Three reasons why leaders are not purpose driven Each of us have a purpose however not everyone is living […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle- Purpose (Pt.1)

Spiritual leadership Principle: There is a reason why you are living. You have a God given purpose for your life. If you want to maximize your leadership and reach your potential it requires finding your purpose and obeying what God has called you to do. Person: Jonah Story: The Book of Jonah in the Bible […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle- Wisdom (Pt.1)

Spiritual Leadership Principle: One of the greatest qualities of a Christian leader is to have Godly wisdom. The best example of a person who had wisdom and how we can gain it is the story of King Solomon. Person: King Solomon Passage: 1 kings 3 Solomon was born around 974 B.C. and was installed as […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle- Advise (Pt.2)

In the first section of the spiritual leadership principle I shared about when the people asked King Rehoam to lower the taxes. Before making the decision he was given advice from the older wise men who said to lower the taxes and also the younger men who had grown up with him who said to […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle- Advice (Pt. 1)

Spiritual Leadership Principle: To be a successful Christian leader and achieve great things for the kingdom requires having people around us who give us wise and Godly advice. Person: King Rehoboam Passage: 1 Kings 12 When King Solomon died his son Rehoam succeeded him as king. King Rehoam, Became king at a young age. Became […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle- Delegating

Spiritual Leadership Principle: To be a steward of your leadership responsibilities and see growth in what you’re leading then you must delegate. People: The First Disciples Passage: Acts 6: 6-7  Before Jesus ascended into heaven He gave the disciples the great commission saying, “go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle- Talents

Spiritual Leadership Principle: If you want to be an effective Christian and leader then you need to know the significance of your talents. This is because when a person puts into action the talent principle they will be moving toward their life purpose and potential. This happens when you find, develop, and use the talents […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle-Teachable

Spiritual Leadership Principle: Leadership and learning go together. So no matter where you are at in your leadership you need to be teachable. Being teachable is the prerequisite to walking in a close relationship with God, advancing your leadership, and achieving success. This principle simply says, leader’s are teachable. Person: Apollos Passage: Acts 18:24-28 24 […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle-Grace

Spiritual leadership Principle: This principle says that leaders need the grace of God. Especially when they make mistakes and fail. When a leader makes a commitment and fails to follow through with it, they should repent and ask for forgiveness to both God and the person they made it with. When grace is needed a […]

Spiritual Leadership Principle-Loneliness

Spiritual Leadership Principle: It doesn’t matter if you are a rising, mid level, or seasoned leader, eventually you will face seasons of loneliness. But in these times, God is able to work on your character and heart. Each leader goes through and is often times in a place that is lonely; you can see this […]

Spiritual Leadership Principles-Serving

Spiritual Leadership Principle: Leaders should serve others. Person: Jesus Passage: John 13: 3-17 3-6Jesus knew that the Father had put him in complete charge of everything, that he came from God and was on his way back to God. So he got up from the supper table, set aside his robe, and put on an […]