Ministry Library (site review)

I wanted to share a resource for Christian and ministry leaders, Ministry Library. Ministry Library is a user friendly monthly subscription site were you have access to short video trainings/workshops. The core topics on the site include: Leadership, church growth, small groups, communication, and church planting. Each powerful video is 10-12 minutes long, has printable notes, and team discussion guides. New videos are released on a regular basis so you will always have fresh content to watch and learn from. You also have the option of joining the private Facebook group. The value of the content in the videos is well worth the monthly $49 subscription cost.

To learn more about Ministry Library, click here.

Four Main Roles of an Effective Mentor

How to find or be an effective mentor


One of the personal growth methods from my book, The Little Book of Personal Growth is coaching and mentorship. In the section I described what a mentor does. A mentor: Works with you on a variety of different topics or areas. Works with a person for a long period of time, so they can help […]

The Little Book of Personal Growth (2016)

The-Little-Book-Of-Personal-Growth_Transparent_Mock1 There is an unlimited potential inside of you. You can become the person you want to be and do more than you can imagine possible. How does a person make continued progress toward the life they want and achieve their full potential?

The answer is personal growth. Your choice to engage in personal growth will lead you toward achieving your maximum potential. The Little Book of Personal Growth offers practical and proven advice for you to grow yourself toward your potential. You will learn:

  • The five stages of personal growth
  • Ten core benefits of engaging in regular personal growth
  • The seven components of personal growth
  • How to identify a strong enough reason to grow
  • Why you need to be specific in your growth
  • How to find your learning style
  • The nine personal growth methods
  • How to set up a personal growth plan
  • How to structure your personal growth plan for success
  • Read the book, apply what you have learned, and you will do great things.

You can purchase the book on Amazon or by clicking here.

Make your Personal Growth Enjoyable

3 ways to make growth fun and enjoyable


It’s important to make your personal growth enjoyable. The probability of freely and consistently growing yourself will increase if you make personal growth enjoyable. I had to learn this truth. When I first started my personal growth journey I found there were times when my growth was fun and smooth while other times it was […]

The Little Book of Personal Growth (Now Available)


I’m extremely excited because it’s the official release day of The Little Book of Personal Growth. When you order my book on or before August 3rd it will be half off ($2.99) and when you email your Amazon receipt to I’ll send you the PDF version of The Leadership Mandate. Click here to pre-order your […]

The Little Book of Personal Growth (Chapter Excerpt)

Available for pre-order and bonuses


Today is the first day you can pre-order The Little Book of Personal Growth. Between July 25th and August 3rd you will be able to purchase the book for half off ($2.99) and when you email your Amazon receipt to I’ll send you the PDF version of The Leadership Mandate. Click here to pre-order your […]

Be a Growth Minded Leader

The best leaders are growth minded


(Special note: I’ll be announcing the details of my next book: The Little Book of Personal Growth soon). Author Tom Hopkins wisely says, “You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset.” There are two main types of attitudes when it comes to personal growth […]

Three Leadership Conferences Every Christian Leader Should Attend

Top Christian leadership conferences

Microphone in Conference Seminar room Event Background

Leaders should attend at least one leadership conference every year. Conferences should be a method in your personal growth plan. There are many benefits to attending a leadership conference. The main reasons are sharpening your leadership skills and being around like minded people. Over the years I’ve attended several different conferences. The 3 below are […]

How to Maximize your Personal Growth Time

Finding time to grow yourself


Re-post from 2013 The most common reason I hear as to why a leader does not invest in personal growth is because they don’t have the time for it. Personal growth does not happen by chance but requires a few key ingredients. Personal growth must be: Prioritized- Turning it into one of your top priorities. […]