How To Jump-Start Your Motivation (Pt.1)

practical ways to be or become motivated.

How To Jump-Start Your Motivation 

Have you ever had to jump start your car because the battery was dead? You had to correctly place the red and black jump starter cables from your car battery to another car battery. Then you would turn on the other cars engine and reeve the engine up. After a short amount of time your […]

7 Admirable Virtues of a Marvelous Leader 

How to become a marvelous leader

7 Admirable Virtues of a Marvelous Leader 

There are certain admirable virtues which, if applied, will make you a marvelous leader. A leader who positivity influences the people around them and one that leads people to delivering outstanding results. The admirable virtues include: authenticity, integrity, kindness, compassion, confidence, patience, and humility. Some of these virtues will come more naturally to you while […]

When To Let Your Imagination Lead

When To Let Your Imagination Lead

This is a guest article by Brad Shorr who is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a Chicago SEO expert agency headquartered in the Chicago area. He has executive level experience in B2B sales, marketing and operations. A lot of companies talk about being innovative, but how many really are? In the world of […]

6 Signs of a Great Mentor

How to find the right mentor

6 Signs of a Great Mentor

Mentorship is an essential aspect to developing your leadership abilities. Great mentors help you to bridge the gap between where you are to where you want to be in the future. You will be able to achieve new levels of success and excel toward your maximum potential with a great mentor. Since this is the […]

Attract Top Talent With An Employment Branding Strategy

Attracting talent to your team.

team work(1)

This is a guest article by Mark. Mark is an awesome foosball fan who cherishes foosball so much; he made a blog about it. There he shares all that things a foosball player has to know, from history to picking the foosball table. He has tried a wide range of tables, from most acclaimed Tornado […]

How to Lead by Example

5 ways to lead by example

Lead by example

Successful leaders lead by example. Albert Einstein said, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.” Leading by example has more to do with the consistent behavior you have and what you do (live out) than it is what you say. The people you lead always have […]

The Best Quotes About Change

Become a change agent

The Best Quotes About Change

Below is a collection of the best and most interesting quotes about change. If you sign up to my email list I will send you a PDF copy of Success Quotes, Foundational Elements for Lasting Success and Characteristics and Qualities of a Great Leader: A Quote Book Full of Truth and Wisdom. All you need […]

The Power of the Pause

How leaders can push pause

Pause icon. Internet button on white background.

Leaders would benefit from taking time to pause. Pausing allows you to physically and mentally get away from your work and responsibilities. It can refresh and renew your strength and mind. The practice of pausing can be challenging for leaders to implement since leadership is about going and doing. Taking regular time to pause in […]

The Unlimited Growth Potential of Influence (Pt.2)

4 ways to move toward the maximum level of influence

Key To Your Influence as a Concept

In the previous post I shared my story of becoming a person of influence and how I continually grew my level of influence. In summary the post revealed anyone has the potential to become a person of influence and to always be increasing in their levels of influence. You should know when it comes to […]