Benefits Of Pausing

I recently read Presentations In Action which offered some insightful points on communicating to an audience. One of the chapters shares these benefits of pausing, Eliminates unwords, such as “um” and “ah”. Enables you to take a breath. Gives you time to think. Gives your audience time to absorb. I personally have seen the benefits […]

Communication Principles From Abraham Lincoln

Communication Principles From Lincoln I’m currently reading Lincoln On Leadership by Donald T. Phillips. One of the chapters discuses how Abraham Lincoln was a skilled and powerful communicator. In fact his public speaking ability was one of the reasons he was elected as president. I thought it would be beneficial to share some of Lincolns […]

Effectively Communicating To An Audience, Part 3

The first two parts of this series were Becoming a Better Communicator and The 3P’s Of Preparing to Communicate. In this post I want to finish this series by talking about ways to effectively communicate to an audience. I believe the best way to conquer the fear of public speaking and become an effective presenter, […]

The 3P’s Of Preparing To Communicate, Part 2

In Become a Better Communicator post I mentioned we can become better public speakers if we spend time preparing, practicing, and perfecting our speeches. In this post I want to further discuss those areas. We need to know that these areas deal with what we do before the speech. It’s wise to remember, It’s what […]

An Essential Relationship Skill

Being able to talk with someone might be simple but it’s a relationship skill we all must have. Leader’s especially need to be able to effectively talk with other people. No matter if it’s with family, friends, Co-workers, bosses, or a complete stranger; you need to be able to effectively communicate with them. Here are […]

Audience Focused

Part of leadership is the ability to effectively communicate to groups. It’s important to know that Leaders who make what they are talking about connect and stick, do so by focusing on the audience. If you desire to be a successful presenter then you need to speak to the audiences wants, needs, and desires. This […]

4 Listening Skills

I believe that leads should spend less time talking and more time listening. Leaders should grow in their listening skills. Here are Four time-tested steps to improve your listening skills. Leaders should, 1.” Listen to clarify.”2. “Listen to check the meaning and interpretation of others.”3. “Listen to show understanding.”4. “Listen to get feedback.”~Roger Fritz Take […]

Talk Less

Good leaders know that talking less is a must. A leader should spend less time talking and more time listening. It a powerful skill a leader has when they do less talking and more listening. I have been around leaders who do all the talking and focus on themselves, whenever I am around them I […]

Failure to Communicate and Connect

Part of being a leader is the ability to properly communicate with others. Being able to communicate to individuals, groups and audiences, is a must for leaders. Leaders should understand their communication style and know their strengths and weaknesses in their communication. How can you tell if a leader is failing to communicate? If the […]