“Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.” -Jim Rohn

4 Practical Ways to Become a Superior Communicator

Valuable communication skills

4 Ways to Become a Better Communicator

Leaders will benefit from improving their communication skills. No matter your level of competence when it comes to communication, there is always room for growth and improvement. Most of the time effective communication is about remembering and applying basic communication skills. There are 4 communication skills which will allow you to become or remain an […]

The Secrets of Successful Communication

4 communication principles every leader should follow


One of the most important aspects of leadership is the ability to effectively communicate with other people. There are certain principles you can follow while you are communicating that will allow you to quickly connect and build a rapport with those you are talking with. When you apply them into your conversations and presentations you […]

How to be Fully Engaged in Conversations

3 tips to win at conversations


repost from 2012 If you have the ability to be fully engaged during a conversation then you will be able move from communicating to connecting with the person you’re talking with. The goal of every conversation should be to relate and connect with the person. This will allow you to lead better and to build […]

How Leaders can Increase their Effectiveness as a Communicator

Holistic communication

Communication is essential when it comes to leadership. A leader must master the art of communication if they want to successfully lead those around them. To do this requires a leader to think holistically about communication. Holistic communication is about making sure your body language, spoken words, and voice tone all match the message you […]

Social Media and Communication

Social media is the new channel of communication. Instead of using our mouths to communicate more and more people are using their fingers. Wherever you look you can see people on their phones, tablets, or computers and a significant amount of the time they are on a social media platform. Social media stats show: Twitter […]

The Art of Asking Good Questions (Pt.2)

Since the first part of The Art of Asking Good Questions sparked such a great discussion I thought it was only suitable to write a follow up post. In part 1 of the post we discussed how we can implement open-ended and clarifying questions to better connect and strength our relationships during a conversation.  Thomas […]

The Art of Asking Good Questions

Having and maintaining relationships is essential when it comes to leadership. One essential aspect to learning about, connecting with, and relating to the people in your life comes through the art of asking good questions. Rosalie Maggio said this about the benefits of good question asking: ” Questions allow you to find out about other […]

A Secret to Better Communication

I have found if you want to become a better communicator it has little to do with speaking. This is because a significant aspect to becoming a better communicator comes with the skill of listening. The best leaders know the value of listening. When Captain Michael Abrashoff became Commander of the U.S.S. Benfold, he realized […]