Think About Your Brand

When you think about leadership gurus then John Maxwell, Barry Posner, Steven Covey or Ken Blanchard  might come to mind. When you think about business experts then Jack Welch, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet or Bill Gates might come to mind.    When you think about world class communicators then Tom Peters, Tony Alessandra or John […]

A Blogger’s Writing

One of the goals bloggers should have is to influence people to read their blog. The main thing that will keep people coming back is the writing of the blogger. There are many factors that are needed if you want to be a successful writer. Here are a few thoughts that will help you when […]

Blogging Tips

Writing a successful blog happens when a person makes a choice to write on a daily basis and to set monthly goals. Every successful blogger I know works hard and has a daily writing habit. Writing a successful blog does not happen in a day but it happens daily. Here are a few things bloggers […]

Bloggers and Writers, Connect with Emotions

What makes readers come back to your blog? They might come back because you write something that adds value to them, they grow and learn because of your writing, or because you attracted them through what you where writing about. Those and the emotional connection from the writer to the reader have a huge impact […]

Blogs Come From?

Where do blog topics come from? If you are a blogger you might ask yourself that question. This might be common sense but sometimes we all need to remember the basics. Your blogs should come from your passions, background, education, and your strengths. So it should be something you have a passion and talent for […]

Building Your Brand

I recently read Build Your Own Brand, due to the desire to continue to build my brand and market myself better. The author says that “Building a brand around your skills, expertise, and personal traits is known as personal branding and is perhaps the safest bet in marketing”. So if you want to build a […]

Blogging with Purpose

So you want to have a successful blog? I believe that in order to have a successful blog you first have to be writing with purpose. You must find what you’re passionate about; you must find the thing that drives you. The thing that gives you energy in the morning and keeps you up at […]