Why Every Leader Should Write a Book

Four convincing reasons why you should write a book


I strongly believe everyone has a book inside of them. There are people needing and waiting to read the book you write. You should start the process of writing a book whether you have never considered it or have only thought about writing one. Writing a book will offer several benefits. Here are 4 convincing […]

Five Reasons every Leader should Blog

The value blogging brings to a leader


Every leader should thoughtfully consider being an active blogger (consistently publishing posts). The act of writing and publishing has the potential to benefit yourself and others. Below are five convincing reasons why you should be blogging: 1. You are able to connect with other leaders When you blog your online community of readers will expand […]

Social Media and Communication

Social media is the new channel of communication. Instead of using our mouths to communicate more and more people are using their fingers. Wherever you look you can see people on their phones, tablets, or computers and a significant amount of the time they are on a social media platform. Social media stats show: Twitter […]

How to Write Viral Content for Your Blog

It’s guest post Monday. This post is by Kay Winders is presently the writer for www.badcreditloans.org, where she researches the best way for people to pay off their debts without damaging their credit. You can contact here via email at kaywinders@gmail.com. Writing a blog is an effective way to establish yourself as an authority in […]

4 Factors to building a Platform (pt.1)

If you want to maximize your leadership and move toward your dreams then you might want to build a platform. It would be beneficial for leaders to begin or continue to build a platform so they can share their expertise and add value to others which can increase their influence. In this post I want […]

Creating An Environment To Write

Successful writer’s know the importance of creating an environment which allows for maximum productivity.  They have systems which produce focus and results. If you desire to be an effective writer, then the environment you create matters. Here are 5 ways to help you create and have an effective writing environment, 1. Play music– Music stirs […]

One Key To Blog Growth

If you want to see growth then this is needed. It separates people who see growth from those who don’t. It positions you on the path toward success and achievement. It’s hard to do but worth it. If you want your blog to grow then be consistent in posting. The key is consistency. How do […]