7 Daily Seeds To Lead A Great Life

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Maybe the week was brutal. Maybe it was just mediocre.  What ever your week was like, you feel it wasn’t up to par. You know it could have been better. So what’s the deal? Why are you settling for less than the best you can be?

Your clock is ticking away precious seconds. Stop letting those moments in time pass away. They are irreplaceable. Right now, before one more second becomes the past, stand up and shout, ENOUGH!

Great! Now, didn’t that feel good? You made a choice to stop the insanity of wasting seconds of your life brooding in mediocrity, listlessness, or just plain depression. Shake it free and move on. So, here we go.

These are the seven daily seeds to an extraordinary life:

1. Walk over to a mirror and look at yourself. Now, smile big. And I dare you to try and be sad or unhappy while you are smiling.

2. Now say this, “I am beautiful, brave, and passionate about life.” Feeling better now?

3. Grab an index card, note pad, or something to write on. Use the palm of your hand if that’s all you have. Write down, without judgment, three things to accomplish in the next hour.

4. Begin to move and take action on your list. This will keep you busy so you won’t have time to focus on the negatives you imagine in your life. Leave those hidden away in your private room inside your mind.

5. Close your eyes and imagine making someone’s day. Picture them vividly. Feel them receiving your warmth and compassion. Now, go write them a note and mail it or give it to them. Do it right now.

6. Turn off your television set and get outside and take a walk. Let the fresh air hit your face. Let the fresh air into your lungs and rejuvenate your mind with energy and oxygen

7. Tell someone close to you, you love him or her. Share your deep desire to be with them and how much they matter in your life. Let all of your love shine upon them.

Before one more second disappears begin these seven seeds of greatness. When the day ends, reflect and ask if your day didn’t matter. I bet you will be full of accomplishment and your heart will be singing. Live with passion and never waste any piece of life.

And as the shampoo bottle says, “Rinse and Repeat.” Use these seven seeds of greatness daily. They will become a habit and hopefully your habit will rub off on one other person and be grand enough to change the listless seconds of their life.

Question:  How do you live an extraordinary life?


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28 thoughts on “7 Daily Seeds To Lead A Great Life

  1. Number 5 speaks to me. We never know when someone needs a kind words. This reminds me that God uses us to minister to others by encouraging words. Just knowing someone is thinking about us can be a major boost to our confidence!

    • Hi TC. I believe there is no point in making someone unhappy. It took me nearly a life time to figure this one out and finally I did. Why not make someone happy by smiling or speaking kindly to them. Just yesterday while I was out getting a bite to eat I saw a homeless vet in a wheel chair holding his ragged card board sign. It touched my heart, so I walked over and hand him ten bucks so he could eat. He needed the money more than I did and it made his day. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • My dad almost always gave money and/or food to the homeless, I try and do the same. It’s good to hear that other people do the same.
        With the news broadcasting so much misery, it’s nice to hear uplifting stories and to read blogs that encourage us to be better people. Thanks for the posts!

  2. I make the choice that today is a gift and I am going to live it to the fullest and enjoy it. God in Ecclesiastes tells us several times that we are to enjoy the life we are blessed with. Good thoughts.

  3. Okay! I understand your list and how it could help some people make the most of the precious time God has given us. For me, to live an extraordinary life means to do away with “I”, “me” and “my”. When I focus on God first and others second there is no need to have to spend time with me. I despise mirrors! My smile doesn’t have to be enticed – God puts in on my face for me.