Failing with Success

“Dancoff’s formula, known as the principle of maximum error, can be stated as follows, Optimum development occurs when an organism (A Leader) makes the maximum number of mistakes consistent with survival. In other words, the more mistakes you make, the closer you become to your best possible self, providing the mistakes don’t kill you.”

The success and growth of a leader often comes through the leader’s failure. Getting out there and failing is a factor for success. I would go one step further and say that “Optimum development occurs” and success happens through evaluated error and failure. In order to fail with success a leader needs to evaluate the failures that happen to themselves and the company.

Even though a leader has the chance to grow and learn during a failure the truth is that it could affect others. It could have short or long term consequences. But remember that when you evaluate your failure it will eventually turn out to benefit yourself and others. Here are some people who could be effected because of a failure:

The leader
The followers
The company
The stock holders
Current customers
Potential customers

No matter the effects make sure you turn your failures into stepping stones for success. Take responsibility for the mistake or failure and allow it take you to a new level of development. The only time you have failed at failing is when you stop trying and when you don’t evaluate the situation. Here are a few ways you know you have effectively evaluated a failure:

You know what you could have done differently.
You now know what you can do in the future.
You take responsibility for it.
You have the right attitude about it.
You have developed and learned through the situation.

The next time you fail know that it’s part of leadership and it’s the pathway to success. We can learn and develop if we are willing to evaluate a failure or mistake. Leaders should know everyone who might be effected because of the failure and be able to take full responsibility of the situation. I hope I shared with you the upside of failing and would encourage you to keep leading. keep failing until you reach your purpose and are successful.

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