Failure to Communicate and Connect

Part of being a leader is the ability to properly communicate with others. Being able to communicate to individuals, groups and audiences, is a must for leaders. Leaders should understand their communication style and know their strengths and weaknesses in their communication.

How can you tell if a leader is failing to communicate? If the people don’t know where they are going or where the company is going there might be a communication failure. Leaders need to successfully communicate and connect to the people who follow them. So here are 9 reasons why your communication might not connect with others(From Successful Leadership Skills by Ken Lawson):
1. “Lack of clarity”
2. “Receiver error”
3. “Poor or inappropriate presentation.”
4. “Personality”
5. “Disinformation”
6. “Distraction”
7. “Distortion”
8. “Poor reporting systems.”
9. “Ambiguity”

The next time you communicate check and see if you might be failing to connect because of one or more of the above reasons. You will know that you are successfully communicating when others know where the company and people are going.

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