Knowing your Teams Strengths and Weaknesses

Leaders and managers should know their team’s strengths and weakness. They should place people in their greatest areas of strengths. They should be aware of people that might be working in a weakness and move them so they are in an area of strength. Teams who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses allow the team to be open and honest with each other. Doing team building exercises can allow the team to grow and know their strength zones. The best companies I have seen know and do this.

Leaders and managers should spend time on helping team members better understand where they fit best. The success of the team and company will be determined by if people are playing to their strengths and staying away from their weaknesses. After leaders have found the strengths of the team they should help them grow and use them. Leaders who help their people grow and work in their strengths have a much better chance at succeeding.

So take the time to help your people find, grow and use their strengths. Remember that if you’re the leader then it’s your responsibility to do this. Do team building exercises so everyone can know each other’s strengths. If someone is not working in their strengths then move or replace them.

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