Your People Leak and What To Do About It

The fact is that everyone leaks. Some more than other but we all leak. I’m not talking about the type of leaking you might be thinking about. The leaking I am talking about deals with areas like motivation, energy, strength, courage, vision, etc. We all leak in areas like those. For example, no matter how much energy or motivation a person has at some point that motivation and energy will leak out. This is why it’s important to always be filling yourself and your followers. Leaking happens with both individuals and teams. I have found that it takes self mastery to continue to fill ourselves and leadership to fill others. It would benefit us to remember:

People leak energy, empower them.
People leak confidence, build them up.
People leak vision, always share the vision.
People leak passion, fuel their passions.
People leak courage, instill confidence in them.
People leak strength, raise them up.
People leak motivation, encourage them.

How can leaders always have full followers? It starts with self mastery which deals with being able to lead and fill ourselves. Then it moves from there into other people. I have found people want to follow leader’s who have the habit of always being full and who are overfilling onto others. Those are the type of people we all want to be around and follow. Those are the type of leader’s we should desire to become.

This requires determining to make sure those areas that bring the most benefit and results are always full in us and our followers. This can be done by focusing on the habits which fill us and our people.

Question: How do you prevent yourself and others from leaking?

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  • I tend to “feed” myself through reading the bible, watching TED videos and sermons, reading a book, reading up on a subject I’m interested in, taking a day off (those help more than you would think). I help others from leaking by constantly encouraging my team and putting them in positions where they are passionate.

    • Anonymous

      These are some great ways to fill yourself and others. When it comes to a Christian leader Loren made a great point. Which was to focus on the “spiritual state” which is a key thing to remember.

      It’s great to hear you are filling the people around you. At my current job (A non-profit) this is something many of the supervises and managers lack. Which causes many coworkers to become discouraged and frustrated. We need to remember that it’s all about adding value to others.

      Thank you for reading and sharing.

  • I think it’s impossible to plug the leaks – the only approach is to keep pouring more and more into yourself. It’s essential to develop yourself and to regularly spend time tending to your own spiritual state.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree, we can never plug the leaks but only can refill our self’s and others. Also great point about tending to your spiritual needs. I think this is the main thing we need to make sure is full or being filled. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great post, reminds us of the responsibility we have to build up the teams we lead.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Marc.

  • Anonymous

    Great post Dan! Love the contrast list – very clear and practical. It takes work, hard work…. to stay around people that encourage and exhort… recently, I’ve been trying to read A LOT in an effort to keep from leaking :)

    • Anonymous

      I have made it a point to be around filled people, it might be hard to do but defiantly worth it. A team/group of people who are full can accomplish a lot. Reading is also one way I stay filled. Thank you for stopping by.

  • Great post Dan! I really believe also that we have to continually fill up ourselves before we can fill others, but we also can’t use that as an excuse not to fill others now before we are filled up.

    • Anonymous

      Such a great point Don! Some times we just need to start filling others up, even if we are not completely filled or are having a bad day. I have personally found by filling others it in turn fills me up. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  • I echo Don’s comment…it is so important to strengthen our relationship with the Father first…then we can give more effectively. Good post brother!

    • So true Jay. The first step in leading and helping others is to have a strong relationship with God. This requires being intentional about connecting with Him on a daily basis. Thanks for reading and sharing.