Leaders should…

Leaders are not leaders because they have a title. They are leaders because they do certain things. You can be given a title but you have to earn the right to lead. Below is a list of things a leader should do in order to earn the right to lead.

Leaders should:
“Focus on the big picture”
“Be ambitious”
“Know yourself”
“Be decisive”
“Control stress”
“Accept criticism”
“Be flexible”
“Be supportive”
“Encourage people”
“Celebrate success”
“Back your staff”
“Help out”
“Accept responsibility”
“Solve problems”
“Lead by example”
“Do the right thing”
“Be honest”
“Avoid gossip”
“Do your best”
“Criticize constructively”
(Leadership Mastery by Dale Carnegie Training)

Focusing on these things will allow the leader and the people they lead to be successful. Title or no title we should focus on growing ourselves and our leadership.

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