Four Qualities of a Team

During my high school years I was in cross country and track & field. Most of the four years were spent on the varsity team. Our team once won districts and also went to state two times. We were one of the top teams in the district. The seven varsity team members had to work as a team during races and while practicing. It took teamwork to be a winning team. Without good teamwork we would not have been as good as we were. Here are four qualities of a successful team:

Purpose and Vision- A team needs to have vision of where it is going and what they want to do. Our team wanted to win races and make it to state. Your team needs to have a vision and strive to accomplish it. The purpose and vision of the team should be talked about on a regular basis so that everyone is on the same page and knows where they are going.

Relationships- A good team is where team members can have friendships and enjoy working together. Our team spent time off the track building friendships and having fun with each other. This built trust and friendships. Take the time to connect with your team outside of the normal functions.

Strengths- Our team knew the other team members strengths and weaknesses. We raced with the techniques that best suited our strengths. Every team should now the strengths and weaknesses of the other members.

Ongoing Learning and Training- Our team was always growing and training. Even during the summer time we would still practice as a team. While everyone else was having fun we were training. Looking back now I can see it played a huge role in our success. Team members should always be growing and learning. This can be done by attending a conference together or holding regular training events.

We had a successful team because we had a purpose, built friendships, knew our strengths and weaknesses and had ongoing training. I would encourage you to do the same thing so that your team is strong and successful.

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