Nine Advantages To Working In Your Strengths

Nine Advantages To Working In Your Strengths

There is a process to working in areas of your strengths. The process is to discover, develop, and start using your areas of strengths. Once you discover our strengths you should be developing those areas while finding ways to use them more and more in your work. We should strive to be in a place where we work in our strengths most of the time, ideally at least 80 percent of the time, while spending less time in non-strength areas, 20 percent of the time. There are nine advantages to working in your strengths. As you spend more time in your areas of strengths you will see these advantages in your life and work.

1. You are Strongest in Areas of Strengths

The main advantage of working in areas of strength is you are strongest in those areas. You will be the most productive, competent, and effective when working in areas of strengths. Strengths allow you to obtain the most return on your personal investments. If you are given the option of working in an area of strength or weakness, you should always choose the strength area since it will produce your best work.

2. You Connect to your Life Purpose and Passions

A person’s strengths, life purpose, and passions are closely related and connected to each other. Those working in areas of strengths will be walking toward or living out their life purpose and passions. If you want to find out why you are here on earth, begin finding and working in one of those areas and it will move you toward the others.

3. You are Happier and Feel Inward Satisfaction

When you are working in your strengths it can release endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals in our body that cause us to be happy and feel good. Strengths provide us with feelings of happiness and bring inward satisfaction to us. This increases even more as we walk closer and walk in our life purpose and passions. Author Joanna Barsh said, “Know your strengths and they will lead you toward activities that offer you a chance of deeper meaning and fulfillment.”

4. You Gain Outward Rewards

Alongside being happy and feeling inward satisfaction, working in your strengths, opens the door to rewards. The outward rewards gained by working in your strengths might include: financial gain, promotions, increase of influence, and new opportunities. Those who work in their strengths will see these types of rewards coming to them on a regular basis.

5. You Contribute the Most to Those Around You

Strengths are not only for your benefit. Tony Robbins says, “It is not what we get but who we become, and what we contribute that gives meaning to our lives.” When you work in areas of strengths it benefits those around you, especially when working in a team setting. You add the most possible value and benefits to the collaborative group of people.  The whole group or team is better when each member is working in their areas of personal strengths. It creates winning teams and organizations.

6. You Increase your Energy and Motivation

How do feel when you need to perform or do a task you like and enjoy doing? If you are like me, you are more energetic and motivated to do it. Strengths are those areas you naturally are good at and enjoy doing. Strengths cause you to work hard while at the same time increase your energy and motivation.

7. You Grow your Creativity

When you are in areas of strengths it sparks your creativity for the areas. You will be able to better solve problems or create award winning ideas when working in areas of strengths. No matter how creative you are right now, you will grow your creative capacity when working in areas of strengths.

8. You Reap a High Return on your Personal Growth

You always benefit from personal growth. Though, when you grow in the specific areas of your strengths, you will reap a higher return on your growth. Learning comes quicker and easier when it’s on a topic related to your strengths. You will naturally learn and understand it faster than a non-strength area. It’s why we should have specific personal growth plans focusing on growing our strengths.

9. You Move Toward your Greatness Potential

Author Bo Bennett said, “Every day, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living or at best living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.” You have the potential to be and achieve greatness. Working in areas of strengths moves you toward your greatness potential.