A Balanced Life

A leader has a responsibility of balancing their personal and professional life. If a leader gives most of their energy to just one of those areas the other will suffer. If a leader primarily focuses their time and energy on their professional life, then their personal life will suffer. I have seen quite a few people who spent countless hours working and building their carrier. Only to find out that their family, health, and friendships where lost in the process. In order to have long term success you should have a balance between both. So what are the different areas that need to be balanced between our personal and professional life:

• Health
• Spiritual
• Friendships
• Emotional
• Personal growth

• Income and wealth
• Work or business opportunities
• Relationships
• Professional and business ethics
• Professional growth

When a leader gives too much time and energy to either side, the leader has a chance to be blindsided and when that happens the leader will eventually fail. The key is to maintain a balanced life. This can be done by reflecting and realigning priorities on a regular basis.

Question:  How are you doing on having a balance between your personal and professional life?

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