Key Principles Producing High Personal Growth Results

Key Principles Producing High Personal Growth Results

Personal growth for leaders is crucial. Leaders who grow and learn will always have influence with the people they lead. When it comes to growth, we should strive for high results. Below are principles we need to remember and apply if we want to continue to grow ourselves. Learn and apply them for extraordinary personal growth results.

The Why Principle (Why Grow)

Why grow, you might ask? Personal growth exponentially increases your knowledge and competence. It provides job security and moves you toward your maximum potential. I’m sure we all have seen or heard of successful people who credit their growth as one of the main factors to their success. A few well-known authors and leaders I follow include: John C. Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, Mark Miller, Dan Sullivan, Jon Gordon, Craig Groeshcel, and Mark Batterson.

Seeing the value personal growth brings to your professional and personal life will cause you to want to grow on a continued basis.

The How Principle (Ways to Grow)

Once we know the why we can move to the how of personal growth. The how is the practical ways we can grow. I’m unable to write a detailed description of each method in this short article though there are a lot of books and online articles teaching on the specific method. I suggest picking 1-3 of the below growth methods and implementing them into your life. Here are several growth methods you will want to consider having in your personal growth plan:

  • Reading- Reading books, new papers, and blog articles.
  • Audio content- Audio book, podcasts, and audio seminars/conferences.
  • Coaching and/or mentorships- Paying for or finding an expert in your field to coach or mentor you.
  • Conferences and workshops- Attending conferences or workshops.
  • Formal education- Earning a degree or taking classes at a University in your specific field.
  • Concentrated Practice- Spending concentrated time practicing your craft or skill.
  • Sharing and teaching- Sharing and/or teaching other people what you are learning.

 The Consistency Principle (Steadiness  continues growth)

In The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth John C. Maxwell said, “If you want to grow, consistency is key.”

I’ve found consistency does not always equate to a lot of time and energy. It can mean focusing on personal growth, in small amount of time if needed, on a regular basis (or daily). Remember small amounts of personal growth done on a regular basis results into a lot of learning in a month time and an extraordinary amount of growth over a period of a year.

In my 17-year personal growth journey there have been times when I’ve spent hours a day focusing on different growth methods while other sessions it’s only been several hours a week (typically broken up into small amount of time each a day) on personal growth. They key is to start spending time growing yourself on a weekly basis either in small amounts every day or a larger amount of time 1-2 times a week.

The Tension Principle (Tension causes Growth) 

Tension means “the act or state of being stretched or strained.” One of the ways a person can begin to build muscle tone is by weightlifting. When you perform weightlifting reps it causes the muscles to stretch or break and when the muscle recovers or heals it is stronger than before. Over time, because of the tension, your muscles become stronger and stronger.

The same is true with personal growth. Lasting growth does not happen without tension. When growing you should feel yourself being stretched and pushed outside your comfort zone. The discomfort is more mentally bearing than physically exhausting. In time, because of the tension, your personal growth can cause you to maximize your potential.

The Who Principle (Who will be Impacted) 

The last personal growth principle is a crucial one. Personal growth is not only for your own gain or benefit. You will receive the most benefit from personal growth. However personal growth should be about how you can use what you know or learned to help and benefit other people. Grow and ask yourself who you can you positively influence and impact as a result of your growth.

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