5 Self-Care Practices Anyone Can Apply In 5 Minutes Or Less

5 Self-Care Practices Anyone Can Apply In 5 Minutes Or Less

When taking an airplane flight, do you remember what the flight attendants tell the passengers before taking off? They announce in case of an emergency, oxygen masks will fall from the wall, first place the oxygen mask over our own face before assisting the person next to you. We need to first take care of ourselves before we take care of other people.

Self-care is simply taking care of yourself. If we want to help and influence other people, we first need to take care of ourselves. I’ve found a lot of people who want to positively influence the people around them, can tend to serve and focus on other people’s needs over their own. This is dangerous because if we are not taking care of ourselves, self-care, it will lead to burnout. Below are 5 self-care practices we can apply in 5 minutes or less to ensure we are taking care of ourselves throughout the day.

1. Talk to a Friend

Talking to a friend or loved one is often the best medicine a person can take. Everyone should have several people they can call at any time when needed: for encouragement, motivation, or a positive word. A short amount of time talking with a close friend or loved one can recharge and energize you. Pick up the phone and call a friend.

2. Listen to your Favorite Song(s)

Listening to music is a powerful practice. Music can stir the heart and nourish the soul. A lot of famous and successful people listen to their favorite music playlist on regular basis. They know how to use music to positively impact their life. Spending time listening to your favorite song(s) in the background while working is beneficial but spending 5 minutes exclusively listening to your favorite song(s), and letting it captivate you and your thought, can bring more value in the short amount of time than having it on in the background. Start your playlist.

3. Watch or Listen to Something Positive

We must daily fight against negativity. This can be a challenge due to social media, mainstream media (like the news), negative people around us, and our own negative thinking. To prevent negativity from overtaking us, I suggest watching or listening to more positive content. Finding and spending (at least) 5 minutes watching something positive from YouTube or listening to an audio book is a practice that will shift your mindset toward the positive. Begin to listen to the positive.

4. Power Pose 

Amy Cuddy popularized power posing after her TED Talk “Your Body language may shape who you are” and in her book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges. Simply explained, “power posing is standing in a posture of confidence” and boldness, like a superhero. In doing so, it can help you feel more confident, brave, and self-assured. Power posing can be extra helpful before a high stress situation like a job interview or meeting with a potential client. Power pose on a regular basis to ensure you are feeling confident.

5. Do a Quick Workout

For too long, I thought working out meant you needed to spend a longer amount of time (at least 1 hour) at the gym or home performing a workout. While longer amounts of time focusing on working out is beneficial, anyone can implement a short 5-minute workout into their day. Short workouts can waken up the body and help you to remain in shape. You might want to do 3-5 reps of 10 pushups, jumping jacks, or crunches. Or, speed walk, sprint, or walk up and down stairs for 5 minutes. Find what works for you and implement a 5-minute workout once or several times a day. Write out a quick workout plan and implement it today.

Question: What are the self-care practices you apply into your life?

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