Make your Personal Growth Enjoyable

How to enjoy growing yourself.

Make your Personal Growth Enjoyable

repost from August 2016

It’s important to make your personal growth enjoyable. The probability of freely and consistently growing yourself will increase if you make personal growth enjoyable. I had to learn this truth. When I first started my personal growth journey I found there were times when my growth was fun and smooth while other times it was a struggle and hard. I learned the reason why had a lot to do with the enjoyment factor. When I made growth fun it was easier and if I made it difficult, by growing in ways I did not like, it was harder. Author Dan Sullivan says it well when he said,

Finding ways to get more and more enjoyment from your activities is one way to ensure continued growth. Creativity in all fields of activity is intimately linked to playfulness. The constant desire to do new things just for the fun of it, approach everything you do with this sense of play and you will ensure that, even though you still get as good or better results your enjoyment is always greater than your effort.

When you make personal growth enjoyable you will always be growing yourself. Here are 3 practical ways to make growth enjoyable:

1. See the value and take ownership

Knowing the value of something can make it enjoyable and the higher the value the more you will take ownership of it. You would not treat a car you use to commute to and from work the same as an expensive sports car. The same is also true with personal growth verses other none-essential activities (or hobbies). When you see the benefits and potential results from growing yourself you will see personal growth is priceless. Seeing the value of personal growth can allow you to set priorities in your life so you are always growing yourself. It will make personal growth more enjoyable than what you used to think was fun. When you see the value of personal growth it will also allow you to take ownership of your growth, so you can always be growing and learning.

2. Find your preferred growth method

In The Little Book of Personal Growth I wrote about these 9 personal growth methods: reading, audio content, coaching and mentorship, solid relationships, conferences and workshops, formal education, stopping and watching, practice, and sharing and teaching. Each of these 9 methods are valuable and offer different benefits if you implement them. For the discussion of enjoyment, you should find the methods and implement them in the ways you most enjoy. For example you might enjoy reading more than audio content or via versa. You might want to attend a conference over a formal college class. Or, focus on building solid relationships verses hiring a coach or mentor.

From the methods you picked you will want to find the most enjoyable ways of implementing the method. For example, you might want to only read certain authors or if you start reading a book you don’t enjoy you simply stop reading it. If you want to apply the formal education you should only take the classes you would enjoy the most. The key is to find and implement the methods that bring the greatest pleasure and that you enjoy the most.

3. Share and add value

When you start growing you will soon learn a lot of valuable information that you should share with others so you will add value to them. Personal growth is more about having a river mindset than having a reservoir mindset. A river runs from a starting point (like a lake) to an ending point (another lake or the ocean). A reservoir on the other hand is a body of water that does not move from where it is (it stays stagnate).

Having a river mindset is all about sharing with others what you are learning. You first learn and then it flows to another person. A reservoir mindset remains only with you. You learn and then chose not to share what you have learned with others. When you share what you are learning with others both parties benefit. Your contribution will cause you to feel significance and useful and the other person will benefit from learning what you know. Sharing will also solidify what you have learned in your own mind. This causes your personal growth to be more enjoyable.

Question: What do you do to make personal growth enjoyable?

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