3 Crucial Traits of a Successful Leader

3 Crucial Traits of a Successful Leader

Successful leaders know and continually focus on certain traits. These traits are largely connected with leading and managing themselves. Leaders who adapt these traits into their life and leadership will be on the pathway toward newer levels of success. There are 3 crucial traits of successful leadership: purpose, passion, and talents.  Let’s learn about each of those traits.

1. Purpose

The most successful leaders have and pursue their purpose. Your purpose is what you have been called to do on this earth. It often calls out to you and you are drawn back to the actions around what you have been called to do. Everything about you as an individual has been created to help you fulfil your life purpose. Make sure you take time to find your purpose and are always walking out your purpose.

This brings up the most important aspect of our purpose. How we achieve your purpose might vary from person to person however the results should be the same. The results should be to serve, add value, and help other people. Albert Schweitzer said, “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” Lead a life of purpose and success will follow.

2. Passion

Look at any successful leader and you will see passion coming from them. Success and passion are closely connected with each other. You won’t be successful without passion. Passion is the fuel leading you toward achievement and accomplishment. So how do we put ourselves in a position to always be passionate? I suggest focusing on your purpose and areas of personal strengths.

The results of purpose like we just discussed is serving and adding value to other people. Something powerful happens when we choice to help other people. It brings satisfaction, positive feelings, and happiness into our life. Choosing to be a servant leader is one of the best ways to bring about passion in your life.

Your personal strengths are the things you are superb at and enjoy doing. When you spend most of your time in areas of strengths while limiting using your areas of weakness, you will feel more passionate. You will have a passion for what you do and it will show through to others.

3. Talent

You must be talented to be successful. Talent is a combination of knowledge, experience, and natural skill-sets. I’ve found when you focus on your purpose and passions it will direct you toward the areas of your personal talent. If you are still needing to find any of these three areas, focusing on one or more of them will lead you to finding and working in the other areas.

Every leaders goal should be to find what they do well and to focus their personal growth and attention on those areas. When you do it will allow you to maximize your time and energy leading you toward newer levels of success. Madeleine L’Engle said, “We can’t take any credit for our talents. It’s how we use them that counts.”

Questions: Have you found and are you focusing on your purpose, passions, and talents? How have you focused on these three areas?

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