10 Habits To Guarantee You’re A Likeable Leader (Pt. 3)

How to raise your likeability.

10 Habits To Guarantee You’re A Likeable Leader (Pt. 3)

So far, we have discussed 6 habits to guarantee you’re a likable leader. The first part included the habits of remaining present, getting to know your people, and also lifting people up and avoiding gossip. The second part included appropriately sharing your emotions, staying humble, and finally relaxing and having fun. The remaining 4 habits will be just as beneficial for you when it comes to being a likeable leader.

7. Chose to serve and add value

In Four Proven Ways to Add Value to People I shared these practical ways of adding value to your people: lift people up with your words, support people by offering to help them, bring people gifts, and encourage people’s professional growth (read the post to learn more about these areas). Each of these ways is based around serving the people you lead.

When it comes to leadership, serving and adding value to others are crucial when it comes to influencing and having people like you. It’s a choice we all must make. It requires laying down our own agenda and selfish ways to concentrate on the wants and/or needs of those we lead. It would be wise for leaders to take time on a daily basis to find practical ways to serve and add value to the people around them. Small sacrifices of servant-hood mean a lot to the people we lead.

8. Help people achieve peak performance

Zig Ziglar wisely said, “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” A crucial role you have as a leader is to help your people achieve their peak performance and succeed in their position. There are three sure ways to obtain peak performance from your people: speaking out their potential and strengths, training and equipping them, and instilling confidence within them. When you continently do these three things you will begin to see your people’s performance increase. As a result, your people will respect you and be committed to you because you helped them become a better person and do better work.

9. Continually communicate 

One of the greatest tools of leadership is communication. You should regularly inform and keep your people up to date on what is happening within the company. People want to know the relevant changes or issues the team as a whole or the organization is facing, especially those impacting them or their position.

Of course, you won’t be able to share everything that is or could potentially happen but you should openly share everything you are can share. Information and changes are better coming from you, the leader, than the followers hearing about it from another supervisor then sharing it with everyone else. People will appreciate you for telling them the realities of the business or any upcoming changes.

10. Provide hope

Leaders should be a beacon of hope to the people around them. Author Tim Sanders said, “The leader’s role is to describe reality, and give hope.” We live in a world full of personal and public crisis and difficulties. Life and work are hard at times. Everyone needs people around them, even more during times of personal or work crisis. The best leaders see when people are going through a hard or difficult time and then step in to provide hope to them. Letting them know they will be right beside them for support and encouraging them through the undesirable situation or challenge.

Questions:  How have you raised your likeability as a leader? Can you share an experience in the comment section?

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