How to Jump-Start your Motivation (Pt. 2)

practical ways to be or become motivated.

How To Jump-Start Your Motivation 

In the last part of this series we discussed how just starting, self-talk, and growth content can jump start your motivation. Let’s continue to jump start and maintain our motivation with even more proven techniques:


Music has the potential to inspire, encourage, and motivate you. It can touch your heart and emotions. One research team studied the brain on music and the “results showed for the first time how different musical features activate emotional, motor and creative areas of the brain.” These areas can also greatly impact your motivation level.  The next time you are lacking motivation or before starting a task or working on a project consider listening to some of your favorite songs. I can almost guarantee you will walk away motivated and ready to start doing the things you need to do. 

Talk and associate with the right people  

In The Little Book of Personal Growth I talked about three types of relationships. They included: “unhealthy, healthy, and thriving relationships.” You should avoid unhealthy relationships while spending the majority of your time and having friends within the healthy and thriving areas. Those are the people who will support, help, and encourage you to be and do your best. Those are the people that will jump start your motivation.   

Let me share one of my personal tips. Whenever I’m feeling frustrated, down and out, or unmotivated I call a friend and make it a point to encourage them. In the process of adding value and speaking positivity to them, in turn I raise myself up. I leave the conversation motivated and energized. There are other times when I call them and describe how I’m feeling and they are there for support and encouragement. When you need motivation or to start an undesirable task make it a point to call or be around the people who will lift you up and motivate you to start taking action.  

Visualize the end results  

Visualizing the end results can be especially true for large projects or difficult tasks. You should think about and look into how you will feel once you have completed the project or project. How will you feel once you complete the manuscript, had that difficult conversation, started a business, checked off a task on your to-do list, or achieved one of your life goals? The other side is what will you feel like if you don’t do what you should or need to do? You should think about and reflect on the end results and potential benefits it will bring once done. It will jumps start your motivation to do whatever it is that you should or need to do.  

Question: How do you jump-start your motivation?

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