Trust is essential to leading

I just finished reading Strength Based Leadership and one of the things it talks about is that followers look for trusting leaders. I want to share a paragraph from the book:

“The followers we surveyed also cited honest, integrity, and respect as distinct contributions from the leaders in their lives. A serious breach in honesty can destroy a sitting president, the CEO of a major corporation, a friendship, or a marriage. At a less extreme level, people we interviewed often speak about the way honesty, trust, and respects also serve as basic relationship filters that help them determine whom to spend time with in the workplace.”

This shows the value of leaders build and maintaining trust. Trust is essential to have with the people you lead, your peers, and our superiors. Every leader should start a relationship or friendship off with integrity and trust. While maintaining that integrity and trust on a regular basis. The ability for you to lead will greatly depend on the followers being able to trust you and know you are honest. If a leader does not build or maintain trust, integrity, or honesty then it’s likely they won’t be the leader for long.

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