How To Jump-Start Your Motivation (Pt.1)

practical ways to be or become motivated.

How To Jump-Start Your Motivation 

Have you ever had to jump start your car because the battery was dead? You had to correctly place the red and black jump starter cables from your car battery to another car battery. Then you would turn on the other cars engine and reeve the engine up. After a short amount of time your battery would be charged enough for you to start your car.

A similar thing can happen with motivation. You can be unmotivated and use certain proven techniques to jump-start yourself. The result would be that your motivation level increases and you do the things you need to do. Here are the first 3 motivation jump starters you can use today to achieve the results you desire.

Just start 

Most of the battle you will face when it comes to working on a project or task, especially if it’s huge or undesirable, is getting started. You should know that many times motivation will follow action. Start doing whatever you need to do, and the motivation will come.

When it comes to smaller things, like writing a performance review or reading a growth book, you can set an amount of time (like 15 minutes) that you will work on it. The short time commitment can motivate you to start. For larger things, like writing a book or starting a business, you should consider breaking the tasks down into smaller achievable goals, then start with the first goal. This lifts the entire project or tasks off of your shoulders and allows you to make progress.


The words you speak are powerful influencers. If you go around telling yourself: “I’m not motivated,” “I don’t have the energy,” or “I really don’t want to do this or that” the mind and subconscious will take those as reality or fact. Saying those types of sentences will demotivate you.

This is also true with motivating statements. If you want to be motivated you should go around speaking out and thinking about sentences like: “I know motivation will follow action so I’m going to get started,” “I have enough energy,” “I’m capable of doing this or that,” and “I’m confident and courageous.” Do this until you self-talk yourself into motivation.

Growth content  

One of the benefits of having a personal growth plan is that the methods you apply can motivate you. One of the main growth methods I use is listening to audio books. On most days I listen to about 1 ½ hours of audio content, which is about 3-4 books a month. The books I chose to read or listen to are in my areas of passions and things I enjoy learning about (like leadership). The right personal growth content can spark your motivation. Make sure what you consume had a good and positive theme to it and you will see a positive difference on your motivational levels.

In the next part of this series we will discuss how music, talking and associating with the right people, and visualizing the end results can jump start your motivation.

Question: How do you jump start your life and leadership?

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8 thoughts on “How To Jump-Start Your Motivation (Pt.1)

  1. Hi Dan! Good to see you posting again! I guess I most often jump start with a list/goals on the practical side and breaking it down into small enough steps that it’s less intimidating and then on the spiritual side I renew my mind, which i kind of like the self-talk. Thanks for all of the tips!

    • Hello Barb,

      Thank you, It’s been hard since moving and getting my new job to stay consistent in posting, hopefully I’ll be posting on a regular basis. Great point, thank you for sharing. Small steps is so crucial.

  2. Excellent tips and insights, Dan. In terms of visualizing end results (which is very effective) I encourage my clients (and do it myself) to imagine beginning something and it getting off to a good start. Whether it’s exercise, having a dificult conversation with someone, or cleaning the garage, imagining starting it and feeling the associated feelings of it going well, jumpstarts motivation.

  3. Hello Dan. An excellent article as usual. What I had to add is that a leader shouldn’t motivate him/herself. He/she just do it! I mean he/she should have put in place all the systems. procedures (and having organize the best people for the job at hand) in order to do whatever has to be done! Discipline, of course, is not an option (I do not believe too much on discipline as much as on systems, beliefs, approaches and habits). In any case, your approach is one of the best I have written, because provide the internal ‘hero’ journey, something many leaders should follow and stop avoiding! Thank you for remind me that and for the tips share (which as well are quite valuable)! BTW, what is the topics of your new book?

    • Hi Takis,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. A “Just do it” attitude/mindset get’s things done! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

      It’s in the Little Book of series. It’s titled The Little Book of Leadership and it shares 7 core roles of a successful leader and the 18 indispensable leadership qualities. Learning and adapting the qualities will help you be successful in and at the core roles. It should come out some time this year.

      What have you been working on lately?

      • Hello Dan. Excellent, I am looking forward to read your next book. Lately I try to keep a low profile in order to do much work behind the scenes. I am doing a lot of coaching and training, preparing 2 more books for release later on, some courses and 1-2 (info)products. Thank you for asking!

        • Sorry it has taken me a long to time reply. I had site trouble and could not login due to Godaddy really screwing up my site for the past 1 1/2 weeks.

          Thank you, I want to publish it this year. That’s awesome!!! The behind the scenes work really does shine brightly in the future. Keep being Great!