What Happens When Using Your Strengths

One of my passions is in helping other people find, develop, and use their strengths. I have learned that individuals, teams, and organizations function better when each person is working in their strength zones while avoiding areas of weakness. Doing this also plays a major role in the success or failure of an individual, team, or organization. This is why one of my focuses on this blog is on the topic of strengths. I believe it is the leader’s responsibility to facilitate doing this. Here is a list of things that happen when a you use your strengths,

You feel more fulfilled when you are using your strengths.

You become deliberate in what you do when using your strengths.

You are able to effectively influence and lead others if you are using your strengths.

You have more energy when you are using your strengths.

You raise your confidence when using your strengths.

You reach more goals when using your strengths.

You are more productive and see better results when using your strengths.

You are more engaged in what you are doing when you are using your strengths.

You are more focused when you are using your strengths.

You feed your passions when you use your strengths.

You become better while using your strengths.

You avoid weaknesses if you focus on and use your strengths.

You are able to be used to your maximum potential when you are using your strengths.

There are many benefits to a person using their strengths. It produces a two-fold benefit, first being themselves and secondly to the team and organization. Knowing this, leaders should then first be in their strength zones then position their followers in theirs.

Question: What are some of the benefits you notice when you use your strengths?

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10 thoughts on “What Happens When Using Your Strengths

  1. I fond all of those coming alive in me at different moments, depending on the circumstance. I can’t pinpoint just one.

    Side: I am interested in hearing your take on your next to last one about weaknesses. I do think we need to focus on our strengths, but is there not also some value on learning what our weaknesses are and working on them? I remember one guru who used to teach to delineate your weaknesses then work on them in order to make them a strength. i always had trouble with that from a practical standpoint. i do feel we need to know our weaknesses, and even deal with them, but not focus on them. Thoughts?

    • I personally believe we will see the most results and benefits from primarily using our strengths. Though I also think their is room to work on areas of weakness ( Especially if we need to use some of those areas in our work). If I put a percentage on it I would say that we should focus 90 percent on strengths while 10 percent on weaknesses.

      But I think what can often happen is that we start to focus on and put more time into our weaknesses which we can only become average in and less time on our strengths, those areas we can become great in. This is why I push developing and using strengths. Because it is more beneficial to do so and we can tend to want to work on our weaknesses instead of our strengths. So I want to remind us of the benefits of focusing on strength.

      I think the guru would benefit more in saying to just delegate our weak areas and then focus on strengths or becoming better in areas that would allow us to become great.

      These are just a few thoughts from a person on a journey to better understand this topic. Hope it helps :)

  2. The biggest benefit I enjoy is being able to feed my passions. My strengths tend to be an extension of my passion, or vice versa, so when I operate in my strengths, I am doing what I was created to do.

  3. Great list Dan, working from your strengths like you said keeps a
    Person much more engaged but also positive. Positive towards what they are
    Doing and towards others, working out of weaknesses has to be one of the hardest things
    To do.

  4. Dan, you nailed it here! But if I could pick my favorite from your list, I’d say: “You are more focused when you are using your strengths.” — it has helped me to say “No” to things when they aren’t in line with what I need to be focusing on. It is good to serve, die to self, and so on, but we have to learn to say no.