How to Lead by Example

5 ways to lead by example

Lead by example

Successful leaders lead by example. Albert Einstein said, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.” Leading by example has more to do with the consistent behavior you have and what you do (live out) than it is what you say. The people you lead always have their eyes on you and are watching to see if you are a good example worth following. When you lead with your example always on your mind the result is people will respect, trust, and willingly follow your command. Here are 5 ways to lead by example:

1. Be authentic

Leading by example requires being authentic. It’s about confidently showing everyone your true and unique self. Learn about yourself: your strengths, weakness, personality, and silly corks and then don’t be afraid to reveal those areas to the people around you. When you chose to be authentic people will soon notice it and be attracted to your leadership.

2. Display hard work

Great leaders display dedication and someone who works extremely hard. Lazy leaders have unmotivated and lazy followers, primarily because, people will not work harder than the leader is willing to work. You should set a goal to work harder than your hardest working follower. When you do you will have people, who see your work ethic and either strive to match it or decide to find a different place to work since they don’t want to work hard.

3. Show interest in everyone

Leaders should show interest in the people around them, especially those they directly lead. Even the people they don’t necessary enjoy being around or like. Something powerful happens when you are interested in other people; in a short amount of time people will see you genuinely care about them and in turn respect and be loyal to you. Showing you are interest is about taking regular time to get to know and understand each person you work with or around.

4. Serve people

Servanthood is an unquestionable sign of a leader leading by example. Serving people shows compassion, humility, and the desire to add value to others. Those are all crucial characteristic of a successful leader and ones we should strive to have in our leadership. Serving highlights and helps us to maintain the qualities of a desirable leader. Chose to daily show small acts of servanthood.

5. Correct for improving

Leaders or managers have the hard job of correcting and disciplining staff members. There are leaders (staff often call them a boss) who use their power to correct a person sharply, unconstructively, or unprofessionally whenever they make a mistake. They see what the person has done wrong or the mistake rather than a learning lesson. Whenever you need to correct or discipline a staff member your goal should be to help them improve and become better in their position, so a similar mistake does not happen again.

Question: How do you lead by example?

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