Four Undeniable Dangers of Success 

How to obtain lasting success

Four Undeniable Dangers of Success 

Success is defined as, “the favorable outcome of something attempted,” “an action, performance, etc, that is characterized by success” or “the attainment of wealth, fame, etc.” Everyone I know wants to obtain success. Those who are successful want to reach the next level of success. Often a person spends countless hours and works hard to earn the respect of others, reach a high stature, and become successful in their field. From my experience, observations, and study of success and successful people there are some potential dangers of success you should be aware of before becoming successful.

Potential danger #1 can prevent personal growth 

Personal growth moves you toward your potential and in turn to the success you desire. When a person is young and just starting out they will be more open to growing and learning about their field or expertise. The more you grow and learn the more knowledgeable and skilled you will become within your field. Sooner or later your growth will lead you to success.

The danger of success is that it can trick you into thinking you know enough or are skilled enough and that you no longer need to engage in personal growth. So once one starts achieving success that person may ease up on or even resist personal growth. Making this choice quickly causes you to become irrelevant and replaceable. You can avoid this danger by: engaging in a regular personal growth plan (read The Little Book of Personal Growth to set up your own growth plan), surround yourself with smart and growth minded people, and always remember today’s growth will lead you to the next level of success.

Potential danger #2 can prevent you from taking risks  

Success requires taking risks. Those who step outside of their comfort zone and take calculated risks are more likely to achieve success. For example, how will you start a business, write a book, confront a co-worker, or invest money if you are not willing to take risks, especially risking failing? Typically for those how have never tasted success the risk is worth the potential failure since the return could be huge.

When you start becoming successful the danger is to take fewer or no risks for the fear of losing the success you have achieved. You can avoid this danger by: Having people around you who push you to make the right types of risks, going outside you’re confront zone on a regular basis, and remembering risk is required for future success.

Potential danger #3 can prevent future success 

Success requires hard work, time, and being strategic. Once you have achieved success it can cause you to relax and become complacent. You could start saying things like, “I deserve an extra-long vacation, I can ease up on my work for now, or I can just sit back and relax now.” Short times of celebration are always appropriate, especially after reaching a new level of achievement or completing a huge goal, but too much celebration can cause you to forsake maintaining your current success or keep you from doing the things that lead to future success.

Just think about all of those one-shot wonders who achieve success in their field or industry and instead of working hard to achieve continued success, soon faded away because they chose to relax with the current level of success instead of working hard. The danger of success is that it can cause you to relax, not work hard, and become complacent. You can avoid this danger by: Committing to always working hard no matter how successful you become and surrounding yourself with successful people.

Potential danger #4 can cause you to become prideful and arrogant 

The road to success often requires being open, humble, team minded, and flexible. For instance, you have to be ok with any changes in your course of action and should be humble when you make a mistake. You accept help from others, know success requires a strong team, and are open to learning. This makes it easier to move toward the success you want.

The danger of success though is that, if you are not careful, it can cause you to become prideful and arrogant. Thinking you no longer need other people, becoming closed minded or resistant to change, or thinking you are the best thing on earth bring you into the danger zone. At this point you start focusing more on your outside image than your inward realms. This always leads to a failure or catastrophe. You can avoid this danger by: leading yourself successfully, focusing on your inward realms, and having people hold you accountable for your actions and attitude.

Question: What are you doing to avoid the dangers of success and ensure lasting success?

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