Building Your Brand

I recently read Build Your Own Brand, due to the desire to continue to build my brand and market myself better. The author says that “Building a brand around your skills, expertise, and personal traits is known as personal branding and is perhaps the safest bet in marketing”. So if you want to build a brand that you can market then the foundation of that brand must be your passions and talents.

Leaders need to have a personal brand so they can market themselves to the people they want to influence. One of the ways you can market yourself is by communicating your vision, values, passions, and talents. Communicating your personal brand is a powerful tool a leader should use. If you do you can market yourself wherever you go.

Another way to market you is to know, grow and use your strengths and talents. If you take the time to figure out your skills and talents, continue to grow in them, and use them. You will be working in your passions and others will notice and follow someone who does that.

Building your brand is essential for leaders to do. So what is your brand? Have you communicated it to others lately? Do you work in your strengths and passions? Every leader should ask themselves these types of questions.

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