Four Practical Places to Listen to Growth Content

You can always be growing yourself through audio content

Four Practical Places to Listen to Growth Content

Most leaders are very busy and don’t have time to regularly sit down to read personal growth content. This is a problem because reading personal growth content is an extremely valuable way of growing yourself and leadership abilities. I have a practical solution for this problem. Instead of reading personal growth content why not listen to personal growth content. The main types of growth content you can listen to are audio books, podcasts, and conference or workshop sessions. Below are four practical places you can listen to growth content. Applying them into your life will allow you to grow yourself.

1. During your commute

Whether it is a short (5-10 minute) or longer (25-45 minute) commute to work you can spend the time listening to audio content. You can do this while driving a car, walking on foot, or using public transportation.  Author Grant Cardone said, “The most successful CEOs are reported to read an average of 60 books each year whereas the average American worker reads less than 1 book a year.” I’m sure many of those successful people listened to audio books and you can as well during your commute.

2. Traveling

There is a lot of time to listen to growth content when you are traveling. Think back on the last time you traveled for business on a plane. From waiting to board the plan, while the plane was flying to your destination, and waiting for your bags. The time traveling significantly adds up. The next time you travel consider planning the audio content you will listen to and then listen to it.

3. Exercising

This way provides a two-fold benefit. You can grow yourself while you maintain a healthy habit. Personal growth content has a positive and uplifting message attached to it. The message can motivate and energize you to push your body a little harder while working out. I know whenever I go for a walk or jog the positive message of the growth content fuels me up and it can do the same for you.

4. During a work break

You likely have several breaks at work. Spending one of your 15-minute breaks listening to growth content each day can really add up over the year. It can allow you to listen to several audio books in a year’s time. Start to block out some of your breaks to listen to growth content.

These four places can allow you to always be listening to growth content. Now you never have the excuse of not having enough time for personal growth.

Question: When do you listen to personal growth content? What type of growth content did you last listen to? 

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