The Unlimited Growth Potential of Influence (Pt.2)

4 ways to move toward the maximum level of influence

Key To Your Influence as a Concept

In the previous post I shared my story of becoming a person of influence and how I continually grew my level of influence. In summary the post revealed anyone has the potential to become a person of influence and to always be increasing in their levels of influence. You should know when it comes to influence there is always growth potential. Even if you are a highly influential person, you have the potential to increase your levels of influence to a higher capacity. Below are 4 fundamental elements assuring you will always be growing and increasing your influence. These are the main elements I used to grow and increase my influence.

1. Have a teachable attitude 

Having a teachable attitude is about being open to growing in and learning about new skills. Learning new skills, especially leadership skills, will allow you to increase your level of competence and influence. The main contribution in my own life of becoming a person of influence and advancing into different leadership positions was my eagerness to grow and learn about the topic of leadership.

Growth on the topic of leadership will make you a better leader and position you to always be increasing your level of influence. It will also help you be successful in your current role. This is one of the main reasons why you should be intentional about growing yourself.

2. Excel at executing your core responsibilities 

There are certain core responsibilities and tasks you have been hired to perform. You should make sure you are completing your job requirements. This includes even those you don’t necessary like or enjoy doing, because those are often the ones forgotten about or left undone. I’ve found if you excel at all but one or more of your responsibilities, it can negatively impact your reputation and influence level. What you are not doing may outshine the things you are doing.

The key, as I wrote in The Leadership Mandate, is to “have a standard of excellence when it comes to everything you do at work”. I encourage you to have the same attitude. Make sure you put a sufficient amount of energy, time, and effort into your work so you can excel in completing your responsibilities.

3. Help and add value to other people

Once you are able to excel at executing your core responsibilities, you should intentionally take the time to add value and help other people complete their work. I’ve been able to see my influence grow substantially by regularly asking my colleagues and supervisor if they need me to do anything to help them and being present during times of crisis to assist them (I work with minors who have a variety of behavior issues).

This simple action has allowed me to be seen as a team player, willing to go above and beyond the minimum requirements, and allowed my influence to always be increasing. Do everything you can to add value and help other people, in turn you will grow your influence with those people.

4. Build and maintain relationships 

Adding value and helping people opens the door to building strong relationships with them. When it comes to difficult people, those with different personalities than yours, or those you aren’t naturally drawn toward, it can break down the walls that could prevent you from connecting with and building a rapport with them. After getting to know the people who are different than you or who you think are difficult you may find those same people might even become your closest allies. If you want your influence to always be growing you will want to make it a point to build and maintain relationships with the people you work with.

These 4 elements were the main factors when it came to me becoming a leader and in being able to always grow and increase my levels of influence. They can do the same for you if you apply them into your life.

Questions: How have you grow and expanded your influence? Can you add to the list of ways to grow and increase your level of influence?

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2 thoughts on “The Unlimited Growth Potential of Influence (Pt.2)

  1. Thanks Dan. You’re so right about these elements. I look around at the leaders I know and they absolutely show these. I think that you nailed it. It’s really helpful to see it broken down like this so we can all begin to emulate it. Thank you!