5 Convincing Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group

Why you need to join a mastermind group


At the start of the New Year my good friend, author, and business owner Paul Sohn invited me to join a local mastermind group. We went through John C. Maxell’s book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential. For several months we read 2 chapters each week on our own and then meet up to discuss what we had learned in the chapters. I want to share a little about my experience and some of the benefits I received as a result of attending the group. Let them encourage you to find and join your own mastermind group. Here are 5 reasons to join a mastermind group.

1. Start Or Grow Friendships

Joining a mastermind group is a great way to meet other likeminded people. There were 4 other people in the group I attended. I already knew Paul and during the meetings as I was able to get to know him and his passions even more, our friendship grew. I also had the privilege to connect and get to know 3 other people who are influencers in their own fields. If you want to connect and network with other leaders you should consider joining a mastermind group.

2. Learn About Yourself

The process of reading a book and talking about the content allows you to learn about yourself in a deeper way. The things deep within your heart, soul, and mind can be drawn into the conscious parts of your thinking or mind. There were many times when I was talking about an aspect from the book or how the content impacted me and in the process of speaking it out I learned more about myself. You can begin to better know and understand yourself by joining a mastermind group.

3. Builds Confidence

Being around and talking with those who are confident and courageous has the power to influence your own self-esteem and confidence level. Hearing how everyone was applying the content from the book raised my confidence level and encouraged me to move closer toward my dreams. If you need a boost in your confidence and want to achieve your goals all you need to do is to get around other confident people who are doing great things.

4. Sparks Ideas

Joining a mastermind group can be a catalyst for great ideas. Listening to the other group members share their ideas, what they are working on, and how they are growing can spark innovative ideas or thoughts. Examples of these ideas are things like starting a business, releasing a product or service, or finding a better way to work. There were several different times when ideas were sparked in my mind during the meeting times related to leadership and my online platform.

5. Develops Your Skills

Joining a mastermind group promotes the growth and development of your skills. My leadership abilities increased by reading the book, reflecting on the content, the discussions we had at the meetings, and applying what I learned into my leadership roles. Each person was growth minded and had the desire to help the others develop their skills and to reach their peak potential. If not for any other reason, you should join a mastermind group to develop your skills and abilities.

Questions: Have you ever attended a mastermind group? What did you learn or takeaway from the group?

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6 thoughts on “5 Convincing Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group

  1. Masterminds are becoming more popular as people reaslise that they cannot learn everything in business from a blog post or a Youtube video. We have started a mastermind portal to connect entrepreneurs to help them quickly join a Mastermind. Our site is http://www.eccountability.io – if you feel that this would be a good value add to your audience.

  2. I’ve been in a mastermind group for Entrepreneurs for two years, and I’ve been hosting a mastermind group for men for the past several months (www.stretchedmengroup.com). Both mastermind experiences have provided unbelievable opportunities for me to STRETCH. I’d be interested in learning more about Paul’s group. I recently moved into a new position with greater leadership responsibility at work, and I can definitely see the value in being part of a mastermind group focused on leadership.

    • Hi Jon,

      That’s great! I’m sure you have become a better leader because of it. Paul’s group is not on going, we just went through the book and it ended. Congratulation on your new promotion! I’m looking for another one focused on leadership.