How to use Music to Positively Impact your Leadership

The surprising benefits of music

How to use Music to Positively Impact your Leadership

Albert Einstein said, “I see my life in terms of music.” Take a minute to think about the last time you heard one of your favorite songs or listened to your favorite playlist. How did it make you feel and what were your emotions after listening to your favorite songs? I’m sure you felt better, empowered, and your spirits were lifted up after listening to the song or songs. Music is a powerful tool for anyone because it offers tremendous benefits. Bono proclaimed that, “Music can change the world because it can change people.” That is a powerful and true statement. You can use music to positively impact your life and leadership effectiveness.  Here are 5 benefits of regularly listening to the music you enjoy.

1. Lifts your mood

Music is a mood changer. In The Champions Mind by Jim Afremow he said, “Listening to Music is one of the best and quickest ways to improve your mood, stay in the moment, and find your intensity and game-time rhythm.” When you are feeling down, emotionally drained, or frustrated all you have to do is to turn on the music you enjoy and soon enough your mood will change. Listening to music can help you manage your mood and emotional state. It can increase your feelings of joy, happiness, thankfulness, and raise your overall well-being.

2. Provides healing for the soul

Listening to music can nourish your inner life. It can bring healing to your soul and from the scares of the past. We all have our personal stories of hurts, hard times, or difficult experiences and we have to be able to work on and through them so we can become the best version of ourselves. Music can be a tool to help you with the process.

In This Is Your Brain on Music author Daniel J. Levitin says, “Music listening and music therapy have been shown to help people come a broad range of psychological and physical problems.” There are songs that can pull at your heart strings and promote healing. Listening to those types of songs over and over again can soften your heart and help you to heal.

3. Inspires creativity

Music can inspire and allow you to be more creative. Whenever you are facing a problem or challenge and need a creative way through it, it would help to listen to music. It can spark your mind and provide the solution or answers you need. This is also true when you need to work creatively on a project or task. Listening to music beforehand or during the process can inspire creativity that will greatly impact the outcome of what you are working on. Allow music to increase your creativity level.

4. Sparks motivation

We all need to be motivated at times. Music can provide the spark of inspiration and motivation for you to start or finish a project or task. Listening to upbeat music for a while can do the trick when you need to get started or to push forward. A lot of professional athletes listen to music before a game to get them pumped up and motivated. For example:

  • “Professional snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun White, a two-time Olympic gold medalist says, “music gets me in the rhythm I want before the run.”
  • Mariano Rivera, former ace relief pitcher for the New York Yankees, would enter to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” when he would come in from the bullpen in Yankee Stadium.
  • Former NFL Baltimore Ravens Superstar linebacker Ray Lewis says he would get pumped up to the inspirational song “In the Air Tonight” By Phil Collins before every game.” (from The Champions Mind by Jim Afremow)

5. Increase courage and self-esteem

I often take time to listen to several songs that are upbeat before arriving to work. This allows me to arrive to work ready for the challenges ahead of me. Listening to music can instill confidence and courage into your thinking and the subconscious parts of your mind. It also helps you to see yourself in a positive manor. Henry David Thoreau said, “When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.” Listen to music on regular basis will help you increase in courage and self-esteem.

Questions: What songs impact your leadership the most? Which of these benefits are true with you?

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6 thoughts on “How to use Music to Positively Impact your Leadership

  1. Music has a powerful impact on a person emotionally, spiritually and even physically. You mentioned many of the positive benefits, but I think we need to be aware of the fact that listening to the wrong kind of music (say, with improper or negative lyrics) can pull us in the opposite direction. I’m well aware of this with my teenage boys for sure. Music has helped me with healing in so many ways. It helps redirect my thoughts, which can get very askew, especially since I’m an introvert and live so much inside my head. Great posts for leaders to consider, Dan, and one I’m sure many don’t put a lot of thought into.

    • Hi Kari,

      I totally agree with you. Bad or negative music can really impact our life as well. I use to listen to a lot of bad rappers (during my teen years/like Eminem) and looking back it really impacted my attitude and life. Many of today’s youth are being dragged down with the wrong type of music. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts.

  2. Music can make you be positive, because it can let you forget some sad things. Since the people who are always happy are lucky, people like make friends with positive and active people, it will help that person build leadership.

  3. I love this article, music has been such a huge impact on my life and I always have used music to not only help me through life but also just to get through work. I also agree that we need to be sure what kind of music that we listen too when we are trying to increase your productivity. Listening to negative music can really be counter intuitive if you are trying to use the music to be productive. This is a great article and it brings many points to light that i just take for granted with music.

    • Hi Rachel,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! The key is to listen to good and positive music. Thank you for stopping by and reading the post. Come back again :)