Finding Vision

Finding a vision for your personal and professional life could be one of the best things you can do. For the past few months I have been thinking about the vision for my life. I have thought about how I can brand and market myself to the vision I am developing. I believe the success of a leader comes by having a vision for their life. So what have I been doing to find my vision and what can you do? I believe there are three things a person needs to look toward:

Look Upward- A person should look upward to find what their purpose is in life and build a vision based on that.

Look Inward- A person should look inward to find their strengths and talents to understand how they can add to the accomplishment of that vision. Looking inward creates a drive and desire to accomplish your vision, by doing so you will be able to find your passions.

Look Outward- A person should look outward to see what resources and people can help in accomplishing their vision. What is it that only you can do to add to what is missing in the world?

A leader who looks upward, inward, and outward will find a vision for their personal and professional life. A leader who has vision will be successful in whatever they lead.

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