5 Benefits of Attending a Leadership Conference with a Team

Benefits of attending a conference with a team

5 Benefits of Attending a Leadership Conference with a Team

Attending conferences should be a part of every team’s personal growth plan. Leaders are responsible for the growth and development of their people. Having your people attend a conference together, especially a leadership conference can bring many benefits. Here are 5 benefits of attending a conference with your team:

1. Sharpens leadership skills

Leadership can be taught. When you take your team to a leadership conference they will be exposed to leadership skills and practices. More than likely they will take some of those skills and apply them into their work. This can help people better function in their roles and also help them work with other people. For those wanting to move into a leadership position it can equip them for when the opportunity to promote arises. The entire group will benefit from sharpening their leadership skills, even if the team members don’t have a leadership title.

2. Solidifies growth and learning

When you attend a conference with a team, during the breaks and after the conference you are able to talk to each other about what you learned. A few of the benefits from doing this are solidifying the main points or takeaways of the presentations, providing each other with the perspectives of other team members, and allowing everyone to hear any key points someone might have missed. You can also talk about how each team member intends to apply what they learned, which will help the information they heard to remain on their minds and to result in practical application.

3. Learn about and connect with team members

Leaving your normal working environment to attend a conference can be good. In-between the conference sessions and in the evening times you are able to connect with and be around your people. This can cause people to: let down their guards a little, not have the pressure of work hanging on their shoulders, talk about non-work topics, and discuss what they are learning from the conference. After the conference the team will likely know each other a little better and hopefully on a personal side.

4. Infuses the team with motivation

During and after the conference the team will be infused with inspiration and motivation. Most of the time the people speaking at conferences use inspiring stories or motivating examples to communicate their message. The message they communicate can cause the group to rise toward their potential. It can be extremely beneficial after the conference is over and every one returns to work. The motivation and momentum from the conference can be the catalyst for the team to take massive action by acting on their goals and moving toward the vision.

5. Provides networking opportunities

Conferences bring together smart, talented, and influential people. The team members have the opportunity to meet and connect with new and interesting people. You can also introduce the people you know to your team and your team members can have you meet the people they know. This can be especially valuable when the person: is an influential leader, could be a new customer or client, can help the team execute the goals more efficiently, or a competent person who would be good to join the team. The key is to take the time to network and connect with other people outside of the people you already know.

Question: Have you ever attend a conference with a work team or group of people? How was your experience?

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2 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Attending a Leadership Conference with a Team

  1. My husband recently had the opportunity to do a conference with a group of people and he really enjoyed it. He was able to make connections/network and the group all left being motivated.