Potential Places for Leaders to Think

How to increase your thinking time.

Potential Places for Leaders to Think

Successful leaders schedule time to think and reflect. They know the value of adapting critical thinking principles into their thinking time. The major struggle leaders have when it comes to thinking is taking the time to pause and engage in the art of thinking. I have a solution that will increase the amount of time you can spend thinking.

The solution is to find an effective place to think. Chose a place you enjoy and that is personal to you. Having a place to think will increase the chances of going to that place and it will call out to you when you have not been there in a while. Here are 4 potential places to think. Find the place that best works for you, then start going there to think on a regular basis.

1. Nature

A lot of people go into nature to think. There is something about being outside and in nature that promotes good thinking. I live in the San Diego area, for me going to a beach really helps me to think. There is something special about the sun and fresh sea air that always allows me to think. Consider going to a local park, a beach, out in the country, to a mountain, in the desert, or a secluded area outside to think.

2. Office

Why not turn your home or work office into a thinking sanctuary? The key is to designate a thinking place within your office. It should be separate from the spot you work at, like away from your desk. You might consider standing or sitting in a designated place for your thinking time. Why not have a thinking chair or a place to stand near a window.

3. Car (commute) 

I personally use this place on a daily basis. My commute to work is rather long (about 45 minutes) so I dedicate the last 10 minutes of my driving time to think. The other time I spend listening to personal growth or spiritual development content. Whenever I’m listening to a growth book and I start thinking about the topic being shared, I make sure to stop the audio book and take the appropriate amount of time to concentrate on the content or idea. You can dedicate time to think while driving or whenever an idea comes into your mind you can turn off any audio that’s playing so you can think.

4. Exercising

You can turn your workout time into thinking time. I once heard John C. Maxwell talk about using his swim time to think and reflect on certain topics. That beforehand he would chose a topic or several quotes to think about while he swam laps in the pool. I’ve known many people who think while taking a walk or lifting weights. The next time you work out consider finding relevant ideas or topics to think about and then think about them while you work out.

Questions: Where do you spend time thinking? Do have a specific thinking place?

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