Four Places to Connect and Network with other Leaders (Pt. 2)

Where to find other leaders


You should intentionally take the time to connect and network with other leaders. There are several benefits from being around other leaders. In part one of Four Places to Connect and Network with other Leaders the first two places were at conferences and work. Here are two more places:

3. Meet ups and clubs

The internet makes it easy to find and attend local meet-ups or clubs were you can connect with other leaders. Perform a Google search with key words like leadership meetings, leadership clubs, or leadership groups followed by your city can help you to find local clubs or gatherings. You can use the popular website to search for and find different ones. Or, you can also look through a local newspaper, scan the bulletin boards at a local store or library, or ask other leaders if they know or attend a leadership club or group.

I have attended several different meet ups and leadership groups with local leaders in the San Diego area and also went to Toastmasters for several months. Each time I was able to walk away having met other leaders. While I don’t implement this way enough, it’s a great way to meet other leaders.

4. Online

Social media and blogs allow you to connect with other leaders online. You can connect with local people or those out of state or county. One of the many reasons why I encourage leaders to start a blog is because it allows them to connect with other likeminded people. I’ve found and connected with hundreds of other leaders since starting my blog and using social media. Several of those people have turned into close friends and trusted allies.

If you want to connect with other leaders online you should start using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or you can start a blog. Taking time to search social media for other leaders and connecting with those who write a blog on the topic of leadership. The number of people you can connect and network with is unlimited.

Questions: How have you connected and networked with other leaders? Can you add to the list?

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4 thoughts on “Four Places to Connect and Network with other Leaders (Pt. 2)

  1. Excellent advice. I have found over the years that even the gym is a great place to network with other leaders in different fields. Church too.