Four Places to Connect and Network with other Leaders (Pt. 1)

Where to find other leaders


In The Benefits of Connecting and Networking with other Leaders we discussed these benefits of being around other leaders: Growth opportunities, gaining new contacts, being refreshed, and promoting yourself (click here to read the post). Reading those benefits will show you the value of taking time to connect and network with other leaders. I recommend taking time on a regular basis, at least once a month, to be around other leaders you don’t know yet or the leaders you can build a stronger relationship with. Here are four places that will allow you to be around other leaders.

1. Conferences

When you attend a live conference, especially if it’s on the topic of leadership, you will have the opportunity to meet other leaders. You have to be strategic about it though. I wrote about the best way to go about meeting other people or leaders in The Little Book of Personal Growth. I said, “Being proactive during the breaks or before and after the sessions can provide you with the opportunity to meet and connect with a lot of different people. You should plan to arrive early, stay after, and place yourself around others during the breaks so you are able to meet and start conversations with them.” When you do this you will be able to leave the conference with a handle of new contacts.

2. At work

You spend a lot of time at work so why not connect and network with other leaders. The number of people you will be able to connect with will depend on the size of the organization and how many people work in the same office building. No matter if the organization is small or large you should be able to find at least several other leaders to connect with.

There are over 100 employees at my place of employment. I’m a supervisor with several levels of people in authority above me. I’ve intentionally placed myself at the places where I’m likely to be able to connect with my superiors. This one strategy has allowed me to build a rapport with everyone within the organization where I work. I recommend taking time, like during lunch breaks, to walk around the office area connecting with other people (leaders) or placing your self were the other leaders tend to congregate. In time you will be able to meet and build professional relationships with the leaders at your workplace.

Question: Where have you connected and networked with other leaders at?

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  • Online is the easiest place to meet other leaders but it doesn’t always create lasting or deep relationships. I enjoy connecting with others in various places.. like at a book store where me and another person are looking for similar books. And at church. I’ve discovered sometimes I’ve discounted someone as a leader because they don’t serve in a leadership role but when I’ve gotten to know them I’ve been surprised and blessed to learn so much from them.
    Leaders are everywhere and they don’t always wear a leadership title so it’s important to keep our eyes and ears open.

    • Hi TC Avey,

      It is for me as well. I’ve found several people online who have turned into close friends. It’s not all about the title, many people have done great things without one. You never know a person until you get to know them and their stories. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.