How to Increase Passion at Work and in Life

Practical ways to be a passionate leader at work and in life.


Leaders who have passion stand out among the crowd. The majority of the time those with passion possess these qualities: a positive attitude, open and inviting body language, and optimism. They smile more, are enthusiastic and excited about what they do and their life. When you have the qualities of a passionate person you will always have a leadership position. John Wesley said, “Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” Passionate leaders draw people toward them and energized everyone around. If you want to increase your passion you should learn how to be passionate about work and life. Let’s talk about both of those areas:

Passionate about work

Leaders need to be passionate about their work. You should take time to identify the aspects in your leadership role that you enjoy doing. These are the things that motivate you to arrive at work on a daily basis and captivate your attention while at work. Start the process by finding and focusing on your areas of strengths. Your enjoyment level and strengths are closely connected with each other. When you consistently work in areas of your strengths your satisfaction and enjoyment level will increase. This allows your passion to shine brightly through.

At the same time you should avoid or delegate the tasks that leave you drained or unfulfilled. These have the potential to be passion deflators. Spending most of your time in these areas will drain your energy and passion. Make sure to spend at least 80 percent of your time doing the things that you enjoy and are passionate about while spending 20 percent of your time on less enjoyable tasks. Increase your passion at work by focusing on your strengths or areas you enjoy working in while limiting the areas you despise or don’t like.

Passionate about life

You also need to be passionate about your personal life. Tony Robbins simply says, “Live with passion!” This includes all areas of your life. The danger is that leaders can spend so much time and energy at work that they can easily forget to be passionate about their personal life. Being passionate about work and your personal life needs to coexist if you want to be a passionate leader. It’s difficult to show or have passion at work if you fail to be or have passion in your personal life.

There are practical ways for you to increase your passion in your personal life. The first suggestion is to take at least 1 day per week to rest and relax. When you spend time relaxing it allows your passion and energy level to recharge. You can’t always be going and expect to have passion. Passionate leaders need rest if they want to remain passionate. The second suggestion is to find and participate in activities, hobbies, and events you enjoy doing. During your days off do things you enjoy or have a passion for doing. These things will allow your passion to skyrocket.

Question: How do you remain a passionate person (leader) at work and in your personal life?

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4 thoughts on “How to Increase Passion at Work and in Life

  1. Well balanced post, Dan. I like the way this post is focused on both sides of a leader – the professional and the personal – and how to increase passion in both these areas. As an executive coach, I focus on the ‘why’ of my work and ‘how much value’ it could bring to each of my clients. Often I imagine that scenario. And that increases my passion to do it all the more! Besides, like you suggested, I take time off every week to relax and do some of my hobbies like photography.

  2. Great article Dan, I think this blog is particularly interesting as it seems we’re entering into a phase of humanity where evidence shows people want more meaningful and purposeful careers and these tend to be personally aligned with their life interests.
    I personally feel that people should be encouraged and inspired to follow their interests and become curious around those topics so they continuously learn and bridge their knowledge gaps towards doing more of what they love.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I totally agree with you and business are catching up to that fact and doing things that allow their employees to enjoy work. Thank you for sharing.