Leadership Wisdom from My Readers (Pt. 15)


This series is about sharing the knowledge, thoughts, and wisdom of those who comment on my blog. If you have missed any of the parts here they are: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8,  Part 9,  Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, and Part 14. Here are some more people who’s leadership wisdom you will enjoy.

Rick Dawson (no longer has a blog)

“Christ changed the world beginning with a core group of 12. That group went on to do the will of the Father. Did they do it perfectly? No – they had to be pushed into action – but what an impact!”

“My belief on the last point, especially, is that we impact a multitude over time. Some will only be reached by seeing the sermon lived out, not by hearing it preached “at” them. Some need to know that the person preaching is no different than they are – that Christ’s power is made manifest in our weakness – unless we show them what we believe, good luck reaching them.”

Sutton Parks from SuttonParks.com

“I’ve found that creating some time to get out and go hiking, along with all the other tips, helps me. Also, meditating. Meditating for a few minutes’ calms me down. The biggest increases in energy I have recently gotten was from quitting smoking, exercising and changing my eating habits.”

“A business leader I knew would always quote (I think from the Bible), “The greatest leader is the greatest server”. Whenever I worked for the money I never wanted to serve. When I stopped working for the money and started working at things I am passionate about I’ve found that I want to serve others regardless of the payoff.”

“I am a result of the positive influence of others. Without a people like Larry A., Father Gordon, Dan Miller, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Robert, Phil & Carla, etc. who knows what would have happened to me. Because of them I have a nice apartment, a successful business, a good relationship with God, I’m an author and am recording my own music. The challenge for me is to pass it on to others. Hopefully I can help people who are currently where I was.”

Kevin Cole (no longer has a blog)

“I’ve found that I do my best thinking while I’m driving. Long stretches of road provide the perfect opportunity to ponder your life and increase your leadership capabilities.”

“I would add “measuring progress to see how far you have come.” Nothing gets me more motivated and energetic than to realize how much progress I have made. It’s easy to forget unless you measure it. By making it tangible – your energy boost is exponential.”

Jamie Flexman from www.psycholocrazy.com

“Personal growth is all about moving forwards. As long as I feel that I am doing something, then I can relax because I know I am inching towards my goals one tiny step at a time. I also achieve much more when I plan out my next day. I rarely accomplish much if I try and ‘wing it’.

“As well as making your plan a priority, you have to truly want it. It can’t be some half assed idea that just popped into your mind or an attempt to copy something or someone. Success in any area has to come from a strong intrinsic motivation to get to where you want to go – an extension of the ‘why’, if you will.”

“As a guitar teacher I have to be a leader every single day. People are paying me money in the belief that under my guidance, they will become better musicians. I have to inspire confidence, not only in myself but into them. There are days when I feel like staying in bed but I have to put on that front during my lessons. I have to have the look of someone who knows what they are doing even when on the inside I am struggling. That to me is what being a leader is about. Standing up to be counted when all around there is chaos.”

Jon White from JWFinancialCoaching.com

“Reading a lot these past few years has really helped me growth in many areas. I think the one thing we have to be careful with reading however is to actually take the knowledge or principal found in the book and actually apply it. A lot of times we read a ton and get the knowledge but we never do anything with it. This year I’ve actually read less books, but have tried to apply what I’ve learned in my life to great success.”

“I find that I can easily become distracted in conversation so it’s important for me to concentrate during conversations. The thing is I can really feel the difference when I’m engaged compared to when I’m not but it can be hard sometimes to not be distracted by other conversations, or thinking what I am going to have for lunch, or looking at my text messages. But when I eliminate them, my conversations become more fruitful and productive.”

“I used to not want to receive criticism because I didn’t know how to deal with it. But in the past year or so I have learned that if I don’t receive criticism then that means no one is paying attention to what I’m doing! So learning to expect and embrace criticism has been a powerful thing in my life and motivated me to continue to produce.”

Question: Which of the above comments resonated with you the most?

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2 thoughts on “Leadership Wisdom from My Readers (Pt. 15)

  1. I love Rick’s comment. Day by day, moment by moment, we make an impact in this world and in the lives around us. We don’t always make the right decisions and sometimes we hurt others. But God has a way of turning even our failures and sins into something beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing Rick’s comment. I miss his candid wisdom and heart for helping others. He certainly left a lasting impact in many lives, mine included.